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Top 5 Essential Tech Tips for Students Moving To University

by Author: Jade Lloyd

As the A-Level results came out earlier this summer, many young people have been looking at moving to their first or second choice university. It’s been a busy summer, and future students fund themselves in the midst of important preparations. The hunt for suitable student accommodation takes centre stage, and it is fair to say that it can be a challenging decision for thousands of young people moving out of home for the first time. With accommodation costs to consider, it is important to hit the right balance between costs that are affordable and comfortable rentals. 

But don’t let the accommodation choice take your attention away from technology investments. In 2023, students need to be equipped with the right tech to go to university.

Individual laptop

A reliable laptop or Chromebook is the backbone of a student’s academic journey. Whether it’s taking notes in lecture, researching online, or completing assignments, having a personal laptop has become essential. So, if your family is sharing laptops, the time has come to purchase an individual device for your child.

Figuring out the best laptop for university is no easy choice, as you will consider cost, student discount, and usage. If you are in the market for something on the cheaper side, Chromebooks are ideal for online research, and even Google docs writing. 

Protecting their IP address

Every parent wants to keep their child safe online and this remains true even when they go to university. Young people are more tech-savvy and are unlikely to fall for scammers or suspicious websites. However, one can never be too cautious. So, you might find that investing in a VPN solution for students can be a great way to keep them safe online. As VPN services come at a cost, you can cover the fees for them. 

Noise-cancelling headphones

While this might sound like a luxury, in reality, living in a student accommodation often means sharing walls with loud neighbours who may not live on the same schedule. Ultimately, for young adults, university is synonymous with independence, which can mean partying until late at night, playing games, or simply inviting friends over. For students in the same building or even sharing the same accommodation, noise-cancelling headphones can be a game-changer!

Reliable smartphone

A reliable smartphone has become more than just a communication tool. It is a powerful device that can streamline the student’s life. If your teen has been holding onto an old smartphone, now may be the time for an  upgrade. A modern smartphone can assist in organising schedules, setting reminders, accessing networking tools and digital textbooks, and staying connected with their community. 

Essay writing tools

University life entails a considerable amount of writing, from research papers to essays. To ensure that your student’s writing work is polished and as error-free as possible, you may provide the premium services of tools designed to enhance their texts, such as Grammarly and ProWritingAid. ProWritingAid is the Swiss Army Knife of writing tools, providing grammar and style checks, Ai rephrasing, and writing analysis and even a plagiarism check. 

As students embark on their university journey, ensuring they are equipped with the tech can make a huge difference to their long-term success. It pays off to using the right tech, as it can support students both academically and personally throughout university.

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