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Lick Home Paint Review: Decorating Made Easy

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Lick home paint review: decorating made easy.

If you are thinking of decorating a room (or two) then read on for our Lick home paint review!

Lockdown – has there ever been a better time to tackle that decorating project that you’ve been putting off?

After revamping the kitchen on a budget, I decided that our bedroom needed some TLC as it looks the same as when we moved in. Instead of going for current trends go for colours and accessories that suit your personality and that you love. My bedroom was a Mustard toned shell of oddly matched furniture that felt impersonal and unloved. We did not want to spend a lot and transformed the space for under £150 and a bit of elbow grease ripping up the 25-year-old no longer beige carpet. check out our boring BEFORE photo below!

All about Lick: the perfect choice for a makeover.

Lick is a new online paint brand that offers next day delivery of 49 carefully considered paint colours, 25 wallpaper designs, highly pigmented peel-and-stick samples from the comfort of your home, aided by video consultations. No more traipsing up on down the DIY isle looking for messy sample pots! Lick’s Colour Specialist suggests green, blue or yellow would be the most beneficial to our mood and mental wellbeing. The Lick paint is easy-on and applies evenly with a super-durable finish that resists dirt, grime, and everyday scrapes. The finest grade wallpaper is designed by a collection of leading artists and with paste-to-wall application, it is AS easy-to-hang as it is to clean. They also offer decorating kits that are environmentally responsible and developed to the highest quality to give a professional finish without the effort.

Lick colour consultancy service.

Struggling to find your colour scheme? Lick’s colourist appointments offer 1-on-1 virtual colour consultations over video call (via mobile with i.e. Whatsapp) from the comfort of your armchair. I don’t know about you, but I always get paint buying doubt, or get home and think actually what I picked does not suit the room. Whether you’re looking to just get a second opinion on a palette you have in mind, or simply don’t know where to start – Lick’s colour experts – in my case, the lovely and very talented Tash – are here to help you. Decorating up to three rooms? simply book an appointment for 30 minutes. For just £45 for the service it is something I would likely purchase again as it can be expensive and time-consuming rebuying and redecorating over a poor colour choice. It is a premium service offered for more than half of competitors prices.

Feeling nervous, not sure what to say, feeling like you need to hide your laundry in a cupboard? Don’t. Tash was professional, a joy to talk to and the whole process was informal and relaxed.

For the curious: What requirements did we discuss?

After introductions Tash asked to see the space. She looked at my overall style, the room itself size and i.e. in our house we have features like cast iron fireplaces, stripped floors, and architecture wise is a period property with high ceilings. She discussed the natural light; we have dual windows and are South facing. She took the time to explain her questions and point things out. The ask about your personality, what you like or do not, what you had in mind – this is a key part in helping you pick the right colours that will match your character and taste. I felt like it was an interior design 101 – AND LOVED IT. A feature wall and a colour to work with a couple of statement pieces was my request. The velvet Mustard headboard (Wayfair) and Jungle print bedding (Le Redoute).

Consider what time of the day is the room being predominantly used? Interestingly darker colour rooms are cosier room at night.

The colour consultant will then introduce you to Lick and tell you a bit more about products and mission. After the call, Tash tailored and prepare a personalised presentation (let’s call it a mood board), to help picture the room better featuring the perfect palette and explain why this is the right choice for you. This was done the same day!

Looking for a bit extra decorating inspiration?

Personally, it helped me to peek at Lick’s Instagram for interiors inspiration. It felt like a revelation to see how radiators and skirting boards had been painted in the wall colour to create a cohesive look. I had never thought it could be anything but gloss white! When brainstorming with Tash I was inspired that Lick is suitable on various surfaces, so my timer furniture is going to get a matching makeover as is the skirting in my en suite!

Lick’s single room painting kit.

Lick sell everything you need for your happily ever before and after. I just wanted to give an honest recommend to their decorating kits. Not only are they beautifully boxed but the £20 premium 5-piece decorating kit is a bargain and contains all the tools you need to tackle your decorating project like a pro. The products are primarily wood and metal, so you avoid those perky one-use plastics. I admit I previously bought cheap synthetic brushes that shed as you paint. The 9″ Lick wooden roller frame, microfiber roller 2″ head and 2″ flat brush meant no picking bits off the wall and a professional cover and finish. The set also comes with yellow Lick decorating tape (38mm x 50m) and 9″ metal tray which is lightweight and has not got those annoying side ridges that waste paint.

Lick paint: what did we think of the application.

First prep your room. Move furniture, lay drop sheets, fill holes etc! Protect your skirting with tape. I tend to stick it on my trouser leg, so it is still sticky but not powerful enough to pull of paint! Lick paints do not require primer – even on my very yellow wall. YAY.

Stir your paint thoroughly for an even texture, load enough paint to cover the brush halfway up the bristles and do your edging first. The only fault I could find was that the can (which I am keeping when empty for a vase) did not have a spout. It pours fine and the handle makes this easy but a bit of paint pools on top. Don’t wander off to watch Netflix and leave this to dry before doing the rest of the wall! Dip your roller into the paint can and start to paint your wall in ‘w’ or ‘m’ motions for even distribution. It took 20 minutes to finish coat 1 so is super smooth in application. My hand had barely any splatters given the paint was not thin or watery.

Leave the first coat to dry for a couple of hours before you apply another coat. For clean lines – remove the tape from the wall whilst the second coat is still drying! I love that there was no horrid overpowering paint smell which I always worry about as a mum.

Lick paint: on the wall.

Say hello to Green 04 (2.5l retails at £38). This warm green with a hint of blue looks vibrant and just draws your eye to the wall. It looks fab partnered with white. If I were less fussy, I think I could have got away with one coat. I did not even use half the tin, so coverage is really good. Decorating used less paint and takes less time!  Lick paint is exceptional quality and I would prefer and be confident to give up my trips to B&Q and buy online from now on. Lick’s high-quality, low voc paints are hard-wearing and wipeable which is a must for us with two young children.




#AD. The consultation, paint and kit were provided in exchange for this review. 

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