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7 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Guests Behave

by Author: Jade Lloyd

So, your big day is coming up and you’re worried about your guests turning the reception into a scene from The Hangover? Try not to worry because there are definitely a few things you can do to ensure the guests behave themselves without popping the party…

  1. Set the Tone with Custom Wedding Invitations

It all starts with the invitation. Custom wedding invitations aren’t just a way to show off your unique style; they’re also the perfect tool to subtly set the expectations for guest behavior. Use elegant, formal wording and design to signal a more sophisticated affair, or add a fun line like, “Ready to celebrate in style and sophistication!” It’s like a pre-party PSA: “Let’s keep it classy, folks!”

  1. Be Clear About the Dress Code

Nothing says ‘behave’ quite like having to wear a tie or a fancy dress. Make sure your dress code is crystal clear. When people dress up, they tend to act the part. Specify your expectations in your invitations and reminders. Terms like “Black Tie” or “Cocktail Attire” are your friends here. It’s hard to run wild when you’re in a ballgown or a well-tailored suit.

  1. Prep Your MC

Your MC can be your secret weapon for maintaining order. Brief them well about the flow of the event, and make sure they know how to handle potentially rowdy behaviour with humour and tact. A good MC will keep things moving smoothly and can gently remind guests of proper etiquette without killing the vibe. Think of them as the fun police, but with more charisma.

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