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Why do I need to craft with my kids?

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Why do I need to craft with my kids?  

Looking for a new hobby to try with your kids? There’s a lot of possibilities out there but we believe crafting is the best. It’s a low-cost option that can be done by most children, no matter their age or ability.  

Crafting industries in the UK turn over roughly £400 million each year, highlighting how many people invest in products within it. There are plenty of reliable crafting shops around the country and you’ll find lots of inspiration for potential projects online.  

You may be wondering why you should consider crafting with your kids in the first place and we have the answers you’re looking for. Continue reading our guide below to learn more about crafting, its benefits and everything you need to get started. 

What is crafting?  

Crafting is all about making items by hand. It usually involves using a range of materials and sticking them together to create beautiful designs. Some examples of popular crafts are cardmaking and scrapbooking. 

What are the benefits of crafting with my kids? 

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider crafting with your kids. Some of the main ones are:  

  • Crafting is good for mental health  
  • It can boost creativity and imagination  
  • They can enhance fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination  
  • It can foster problem-solving skills  
  • Completing projects can boost self-esteem  
  • It can improve focus and concentration  
  • You and your child can bond, leading to a deeper connection 

Health and safety while crafting  

While crafting is relatively safe, there are some sharp items you’ll need to use to bring your projects to life. It’s easy to manage them, however.  

Make sure you’re always supervising them, teach them how to properly handle tools, wear protective gear like goggles and gloves, and keep your space organised at all times. 

What do I need to get started?  

You won’t need a lot to get started with your crafting projects and you may find you have some of the items in your home already! Here are the essentials we believe you and your child need:   

As you can see, getting into crafting has a whole host of benefits for you and your children. Get all the essential items mentioned above and start today to introduce more quality time into your life.  

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