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4 Reasons To Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet

by Author: Jade Lloyd

What type of flooring is best suited for your home?

Have you just moved into a new property or are you thinking of renovating your current home interior to add value? As a homeowner, just as important as choosing wall colour, is considering what flooring will be the most durable and long lasting. We loved decorating Norah’s nursery and transforming our bedroom on a budget but the most time and consideration was taken on the floors! I admit having children was a factor that influenced my choice, as was the room. Consider its function and practicality (in a bathroom there will be moisture), the floorings ease of cleaning, comfort, wear resistance and if it is a heavy tread area (like a hallway) and of course budget!

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone excited to see carpet in a shower room.

As we established flooring has a major role in the look of any room, but you need to find a happy medium between style and substance. There are several factors to keep in mind when deciding which to choose, you just need to do a little research first.

Below are my five reasons why I think if you have a family that hardwood is a better choice than carpet.

Hardwood flooring or carpet?

Carpet and hardwood: These are two of the most common of all flooring materials.

#Consider the maintenance and cleaning of the flooring.

Wood is resilient, in a hallway where mud and rain enters flooring needs to be capable of resisting water. No flooring is recommended for damp, carpet fibres mould so wood is a better choice when carefully wiped down. Carpets are prone to holding allergens such as dust, skin, and hair. With children or pets wood is easy to sweep up and mop. I am in love with Method wood cleaner. It smells like Amaretto. Think, how busy the room where the flooring material will be in terms of wear and tear? Properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for many decades. Of course, wood can get scratched in the long term. Solid wood can be polished, sanded and refinished.

#Consider the most environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

While carpeting is usually manufactured with synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester, hardwood floors come from nature’s greatest gift: trees. They are produced naturally and created using the most abundant renewable resource in the world. Carpets are susceptible to permanent stains and retain odours so are much more likely to be thrown out and replaced.

#Consider the cost of the flooring.

Wood flooring can be very cost-effective – if you opt for laminate or engineered wood. This alternative to hardwood has the benefits of its counterpart whilst being more budget friendly. Wood look floors to me are more attractive than carpet and take longer to go out of style. The cost of installation is an important factor you need to consider when choosing the type of flooring. The life expectancy of a hardwood floor means it likely to be the cheaper flooring over the lifetime of a home.

If you want your home to be warm throughout the year, and save on bills, you may presume thick pile carpet the best option. Since wood is a conductor, hardwood floors allow the heat to pass through and circulate in your home, so well laid floors are energy efficient. If you prefer the look of a wooden floor there are ways you can make it more cosy – such as adding rugs.

Plus, a rug can really tie a room together!

#Consider the resale value.

Don’t stick with carpet! Hardwood flooring adds character and charm to your living space. It also enhances the value of a property. There is a seemingly endless amount of wood types, colours, and designs you can choose from that can bring out your inner interior designer.

Tip: We recommend anti slip underlay on rugs and slipper socks to stop your little ones slipping on hardwood! Don’t use cleaning products with a polish or waxy residue.  

Hardwood flooring has numerous advantages over carpet, making it a clear winner in a head to head comparison.




#AD. This is a collaborative post.

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