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Are Treads Indestructible? 5 Tips For Making School Shoes Last The Year! #Review

by Author: Jade Lloyd

#AD We were gifted the Treads school shoes to review. All opinions are our own.

Introducing Treads school shoes.

Keeping your children’s shoes in good condition seems like an impossible task.

Treads are a shoe brand that specialise in children’s school shoes ages 6-16 and come in a range of styles to suit all ages. Their premium, Permair leather is breathable and water resistant. Leather and synthetic leather are your best options as these will last longer with active feet. Treads offer both boys and girls shoes. For younger children, who have not mastered laces, they have a touch fastening system available in sizes Junior 11 up to Size 4. Shoes have reinforced seams and reinforced heels for superb durability & comfort. For junior feet Treads have a selection of lace up and slip-on shoes in Size 3 up to Size 11. As a parent I prefer the sturdy trainer style shoes which are perfect for the boys and girls who love playing football and playing chase at lunchtime!

Do your children grow out of shoes fast?

Treads school shoes use Dual Fit Technology to be able to give children an extra 1/2 size or change the shoe from a standard to a wide fit. Underneath the shock absorbing removable insole is a removable footbed. This allows extra room if needed within the shoes. It also means orthotics or insoles fit comfortably in the shoe, which is rather clever. The ergonomic design will give children the perfect fit!

Treads black leather school shoes upsidedown in a lego box

So, what are our tips for making shoes last?

#Pick the right type.

There are so many different styles and designs. Consider what shoes work for your child, Velcro, lace-ups, a slip-on? Are they a child who is quite physical at break time and need something sturdy? Remember that primary schools encourage independence, so children should be able to put the shoes on themselves.

#Buy the right size to ensure healthy foot development.

Children’s school footwear is worn five days out of the week. You do not want them to rub! Alternative to visiting high street shops which are inevitably very busy over school holidays, is purchasing shoes online. Some parents avoid this hassle-free route because they worry about not being able to measure their children’s feet accurately. Treads offer a printable paper fitting guide, or you can order a fitting gauge to measure at home. I used their size calculator and the shoes fit perfectly – don’t try and buy bigger the dual-fit system already allows for growing room! If your shoe fit is not right then the company offer free returns.

Boy holding monochrome lunchbox wearing black Treads school shoes

#Wear cotton socks!

Summer or winter always encourage your children to wear socks to maintain the freshness of shoes, it will help prevent sweating which can lead to blisters.

#Clean often but don’t tumble.

All fabric choices of shoe need regular cleaning (Leo’s get a quick wipe with a damp rag when he gets home). Dirty shoes can make them age faster. The same goes for damp shoes. Avoid chucking them in the washing machine and then let them air dry. Radiator drying or tumbling will cause soles to bend and crack. You can also stuff damp BLACK shoes with newspaper to help draw out the moisture. Leather oil or a waterproof spray protector can be rubbed into the shoes, this will protect against water damage.

#Give them some TLC.

Children’s shoes WILL get damaged. It is inevitable. Glue peeling sole edges back in place to keep shoes watertight.

Blong boy with foot in the air wearing black shoe with Treads written in orange

Treads vs supermarket shoes.

What every parent wants is value for money. When I first started buying shoes for Leo I marched straight to the high street and a popular chain store. They were outgrown very quickly. The low purchase price of supermarket school shoes is appealing. Like most mums I have grabbed a Tesco pair and thrown them in the trolly with the bananas. Aesthetically there wasn’t much difference, but the cheaper design and material meant a looser fit that offered limited ankle support. The lifespan of the shoes was less, lasting three months and approximately 100 breaktime football matches.

Footwear that lasts…and lasts.

One of the main unique selling points of Treads School Shoes is their indestructible claim. The high-quality workmanship is demonstrated in making the shoe. Treads use a technique where the upper part of the shoe is placed in a mould and the sole is injected around it creating one whole shoe rather than glued separate parts. This, along with reinforced heels and seams helps to create a stronger shoe which for my active son is ideal! Treads’ are so confident in the quality of their footwear that they offer a 30 Day Guarantee on their school shoes. They also have a 12 Month Indestructible guarantee so if shoes don’t last you can return them for a new pair! This is for one exchange only so don’t think you can receive 23 new pairs!

Treads black shoes in the grass

They looked super smart…but for how long? 

Out of the box I was immediately impressed by the look of the £45 (free delivery) Madrid shoes, there were no loose threads or glue marks. The front of the shoes is scuff proof and can be wiped clean and one of the main reasons I recommend this design. I was reassured by the substantial and thick sole, though did wonder if they would be too cumbersome when worn. My son did say they felt big at first, but the shoes are lightweight and are not made of stiff material to rub little heels. I was impressed with the cushioning inside and that the bottoms were heavily gripped making them non slip. Leo said they were comfortable, and he could jump high! Were they as hardwearing as they looked? After a month there is no wear on the inside and aside from a couple of marks on the outside and a fair bit of dirt the shoes are the same condition as new.

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I would love to see Treads create school shoes for younger children.

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