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5 Things To Consider When Picking The Right Suit For Your Wedding Day #Groomswear

by Author: Jade Lloyd

How do you pick the right suit for your wedding day?

Whether it is a top hat and tails or open-necked shirt and blazer, you will want to pick the perfect wedding wear. There will be 5,000 pictures of you as a reminder of the memorable day, a bride that wants you to look half decent in the picture without the need to Photoshop in Brad Pitt, a theme and colour code to adhere to and of course, your desire to be able to breathe and move in a suit.

Eyes are not just on the bride…their on the groom too!

Its all about the suit. 

When you shop around, and trust me you should, look at different styles of suits and different colours. You don’t have to stick with black-it’s not a funeral. Navy, grey, brown and even brighter colours could be perfect depending on your personal taste. Also consider what style you want to wear on the wedding day. You may opt for a traditional morning suit. Or how about a tuxedo? A two or three piece? Double or single breasted?


The groom and ushers can be in matching suits or simply ones which complement each other. One or two consistent elements i.e. through ties or buttonholes will tie the groom’s party together.

The right fit.

Once you know the type of suit you want you’ll need to consider the style that will compliment your shape and build. Fabrics change with the seasons, choose between wool, plaid, corduroy, tweed, or cotton and linen for warmer months. Go for impact when choosing fabric for a wedding suit. Two or three button suits become a taller build and double breasted jackets can bulk up those with a slighter frame.

Avoid looking business-like.

Decorative linings and lapels will all add to the personal style of your suit and it’s best to select the ones that complement the colour scheme.

There’s so many choices that it can make picking one a bit difficult!

Size matters.

Key areas are the shoulders, which should lay flat and the seam sit on the the ends of the wearers own shoulders. The jacket should contour the torso and its length be just long enough to cover the groom’s seat. Sleeves should reach only the hinge of your wrist. Whether or not you choose tapered trousers they should sit on the shoe without too much bunching.

wedding suit suit and black shoes

Ties and accessories.

Think bells and whistles; socks, cufflinks, waistcoat, pocket square etc. A crisp white shirt won’t do you wrong. Colour wise for the suit neutrals tend to be favoured as to avoid looking like a gameshow host but you can add a pop and be bolder when it comes to extras. Ps. don’t forget your footwear, think classic, simple and don’t forget to shine them!


Rent or buy?

Some grooms find it more convenient and affordable to rent, though suits may not be as well fitted and spills or rips may be costly. If you are going for a good multipurpose, all-rounder suit then buying is a good option. High street suits are often comparable in pricing to renting but of course expect to pay more for tailored, custom made suits (if choosing this option be mindful of the time it will take to produce these perfect fits!)

dobell suit

Wandering round shops may not be your cup of tea so why not look online at reputable wedding attire providers such as Dobell? If you don’t know your exact size order a couple and consider road testing tailored, slim fit cuts etc. This suit fabric was wonderfully soft with an attractive deep mahogany lining. Postage is swift and the suits come well pacagedso why not give one a try!

Do you have a favourite suit maker? What colour did you pick for your wedding or are you trying to plan your wedding and wanting to pick something special?

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