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Packing Up: Helping Our Children Cope With a Big Move

by Author: Jade Lloyd

We all know what a challenge moving house can be when it is just us. But when we throw into the mix moving with children, we know that there’s a lot to contend with. But for all of the trials and tribulations of moving somewhere else, it pales in comparison to the emotional sucker punch our children may have. There can be a huge sense of disruption to their lives. While we may feel that we have got a lot to think about, we have to remember that it’s unlikely our children were part of the decision to move. This means that we need to be considerate of our children throughout the entire process. What can we do to help them through this difficult time?

Giving Them As Much Information As Possible.

This is vital. With children, the more we keep them in the dark, the more their minds can overthink the situation. We’ve got to give them as much information and be as truthful as possible. We need to be receptive to positive and negative reactions. Because even if we are going to benefit everybody as a result of this move, they are still feeling uprooted from everything they know. Change can be an incredibly difficult process. This is especially true when they are moving schools. Going to a new school is one of the most intimidating things that we all undergo. By giving them as much exposure to the environment as possible, it makes it less frightening. We can also involve our children in the planning as much as possible so they can feel like a willing participant. It’s important to provide as much information as possible, even if you are moving far away. You can do this by going online and exploring the place. It’s vital to demystify the entire process.

Hitting the Ground Running.

When you transition the move, the best thing to do is to get their bedroom set up as quickly as possible. Because we don’t want to make everything feel like a shock, it’s important to provide some sense of continuity and familiarity. By making their room and attempting to make it as close to their old bedroom as possible while also maintaining your usual schedule, including bedtimes, will promote that sense of familiarity. We have to encourage our children to transition effectively. We can help them to keep up with their old friends through video chats and phone calls, but we also need to ensure that we bring aspects of their new life into focus as well. You’ve got to set realistic expectations about the transition. It may take up to 6 weeks to be more comfortable in their new classes. But others may require longer. Helping them remain connected to their old life can help, but you also need to remember that they have to try new things as well. But if you are concerned, professional help can provide helpful guidance. 

It is never an easy thing, and a move can present so many challenges. But it can be a perfect way for your family to grow closer.

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