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Forever Marine Collagen #Review

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Forever Marine Collagen review.

In the next couple of years, I will hit 40, a transitional time, and it’s no secret that your skin changes as you age. I have already started noticing changes, lines and wrinkles and a lack of elasticity around my jawline. Thanks to YouTube I am adjusting my makeup and skincare routines to meet my skin’s changing needs. As well as choosing different products, I have also been focusing on eating well and taking supplements to support my body.

Why take Collagen?

Collagen levels begin to deplete from the age of 25. By the time we get to 40, we will have lost around a third of our Collagen. Collagen, a protein that makes up much of our skin and other connective tissue—breaks down and it gets harder for your body to make more. It’s because, over time, your body increasingly struggles to absorb enough of the nutrients it needs to make Collagen. This is particularly true after you’ve gone through menopause.  People are therefore turning to Collagen powder or other types of Collagen supplements, such as capsules, gummies, and liquids. If you’ve been avoiding Collagen because you think it is just the latest fad there is reasonable evidence that they Collagen supplements help maintain hydrated skin and relieve osteoarthritis pain. Many more benefits are cited such as thicker hair, healthier nails etc.

Most Collagen supplements contain a digestible form of Collagen called Collagen peptides or hydrolyzed Collagen from either marine or bovine tissues – absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract. I have previously tried Collagen powder which you add to water and will be honest and say I have never found one with an altogether pleasant taste. Hence why the switch to sachets – I add them to juice and swallow them quickly. Capsules are not for me, and gummies include sugar. Always make sure you buy supplements from a reputable source.

Introducing Forever Marine Collagen.

Forever Living is known for its range of wellness and beauty products sold all around the world. Winner of multiple awards including being shortlisted for the Beauty Awards 2023 the Forever Marine Collagen is a highly concentrated liquid formula which retails at £90.20. Now this is on the pricey side, though I am reassured by this as research on Collagen consumption advises consumers to avoid cheap Collagens which are not likely to be effective as they are not in high enough doses. When you look at market competitors it is within the expected price range (Absolute Collagen £27.99 for 15 or Revive Collagen £66.99 for 28 sachets – neither of which have the added vitamins). This box contains 30x15ml sachets which I like for convenience. Drink one sachet daily. Do not consume on an empty stomach.

I tend to add it my morning smoothie at breakfast for ease. The full concise ingredient list is on the website. Also included are Vitamin A (RE) 120 µg (15%), Vitamin C 12 mg (15%), Biotin 30 µg (60%), Zinc 4.2 mg (41%), and Fish collagen 3 g which contains bioavailable to collagen peptides with type I and a small amount of type II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X (there are over 20 different types). Bioavailability refers to the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body when ingested. Marine collagen is absorbed through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and then carried throughout the body as amino acids. In addition to marine-based collagen, Forever’s Marine Collagen includes a proprietary blend of acerola cherry, black pepper extract, goji berries and green tea extract, they have a  berry flavour which is drinkable on it’s own. I like the packaging aesthetic and the clear labelling of ingredients and allergens.

What else can you do?

You can also help your body make Collagen and maintain healthy Collagen levels and bone tissue by including enough high-quality protein in your diet. Foods such as bone broth, fish with the skin on, aloe vera can boost Collagen in your dermis, egg whites, etc. Also, vitamin C is necessary for Collagen synthesis, so having low levels of vitamin C can lead to impaired Collagen production. So, jump on those fruits and veggies. I am going to update this post after two weeks to explain how I am getting on and what changes I have noticed in my skin.

*Note – Collagen is sourced from animals so is unsuitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Allergies may be an issue with collagen for those who have allergies/intolerances to Beef, Fish, Chicken and/or eggs so always read labels carefully. While there’s not much information to say that Collagen interacts with other prescription medications, there may be other ingredients in dietary supplements, such as herbal extracts, that may interact with commonly prescribed medications.




#AD We were gifted this box for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

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