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Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Once you have agreed to marry your other half, it is time to get planning your wedding. One of the most important things you need to decide on is your venue; then, you can begin to organize all the other little details such as decor, themes, and food. It can feel a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing your venue as there are so many options out there, which is why it’s important to take your time and look round lots of different ones until you know you’ve found the one. Here are some top tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue.

#Choose a venue that aligns with your vision.

When choosing your venue, it is important to keep in mind a vision of your wedding day so you can picture it there. If you are planning on a rustic wedding,  somewhere like a barn is perfect, but if you want something more contemporary, an art gallery or modern Hotel would be better suited.  Also, don’t rule out the idea of million dollar homes for your wedding venue. Many of these homes can be hired for events allowing you to experience the luxury of living in an idealistic location for a few days. In short, choose a venue that fits in with your theme, and the whole day will tie in together much nicer. With so many potential venues to choose from, no matter if you are after the ideal location for luxury weddings, simple weddings, or outdoor weddings, you are sure to find your perfect choice.

#Think about how many guests you are inviting.

Whether you decide on a small, intimate wedding, or a large and more extravagant affair, you will need a venue to accommodate for this. If you aren’t having a big guest list, you don’t want the venue to feel empty, and if you are inviting lots of people, you don’t want them to feel cramped in. Speak to the venues beforehand as they can often recommend how many guests their spaces are suited to. Some might have multiple function rooms that can cater to differing numbers.

#Keep your budget in mind.

Before you look at venues, sit down, and work out how much budget you have to allocate to everything. You don’t want to blow all your budget on your venue, then not have enough left to get your dream dress, or have the decor to do it all up. By planning ahead of time, you will know just what you can stretch to when you are looking around the different potential places for your wedding.

#Consider the location.

When picking your wedding venue, consider your guests and where they are traveling to and from to get there. If the venue is in the middle of nowhere and a long commute for many, check there are Hotels nearby they can stay in. If you are booking it closer to where everyone lives, find out about transport links or local taxi services to ensure everyone can get there and back easily.

#Ask about the packages.

Most wedding venues offer a plethora of wedding packages that can bring down the cost and make planning a lot easier. Speak to the venues and find out if they offer decor, catering, etc. with their venue hire and how much these different packages are. There are often a few different tiers depending on numbers, how many courses you will feed everyone, and what drinks you want to provide.

These are just some of the top tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue. Remember to keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to look at several different places before selecting your final choice. It is a good idea to get your venue booked at least a year before your wedding to ensure it doesn’t get booked up on the day you want.

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