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Testing Out Hape’s Little Red Rider #Review

by Author: Jade Lloyd

(AD) We have been kindly gifted the Rider, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Introducing the Little Red Rider, winner of the 2014 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award.

What’s in the box?

Another quality Hape product, the box contains the Little Red Rider (in two pieces-the main body and the handlebars), a manual, 4 screws, 4 bolts and a Hex key. Assembly wise it can be put together in five minutes. Construction was a tad fiddly as the bolts don’t thread by hand far enough onto the screws without leaving loose handlebars. This is simply remedied by using a pair of plyers to hold the bolt in place whilst tightening the screws (spanners were too big).

A wooden walker and foot-powered bike.

I really liked the idea of this adorable little rider. Multipurpose toys are cost effective buys for parents and the Red Rider is ideal for supporting babies first steps. Whether to push or use to cruise it encourages standing and pulling up. Acting as a push along walker the bike then transitions into a ride-on with no need for adjustments. The bike moves by the child walking it along rather than with peddles. Movement toys such as this promote active play, encourage children’s motor development, helping boost coordination, balance and physical strength.

First impressions.

Made of natural wood and finished in a non-toxic classic red design the rider is a very eye-catching toy. Its compact design means it is not bulky or awkward so easy to store. A perfect size for 1-2yr olds. I like that it has been considerately made for children’s comfort, i.e. the handles are well padded with palm grips. I would choose this over cheap, plastic alternatives any day.

Practical in play?

The four-wheel drive makes this foot-powered rider stable and easy to use for both walking and riding. It’s very light and easy for Norah to move, though younger toddlers will need to develop understanding how to turn it.

We have hardwood floors, so it scooted speedily, but she didn’t have problems with it slipping away from her.

There were also no issues with the wheels scratching floors. The rider structurally light, which may be a downside regarding balance if a little one fell down and pulled the handlebars as the walker could potentially tip. Hape does promote that supervised play is recommended. There is a bottom rest on the seat to stop your child from slipping off the back of the bike. There is room for small toys under the seat which is a nice feature. The rider is easily cleaned which is always a bonus.

To buy or not to buy?

The Little Red Rider from Hape is available priced £49.95 and considering you can buy a plastic walker from Argos from £30 I think this is reasonably priced. It encourages Norah to move and she seems to love playing with it so gets the Jungle seal of approval.

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What age were your littles when they started walking, Norah at 17 months is only just taking her first steps!

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