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How To Protect Your Child When They Use The Internet

by Author: Jade Lloyd

As a parent, you will never want to put yourself or your children at risk. You want to do the most to keep your children safe, especially when they are old enough to use technological devices.

Although it is best to keep your child’s screen time at a minimum, they will use technological devices for educational purposes as well as time-to-time entertainment at home. Therefore, to maximize their safety when they use technological devices, here are some tips.

Protect your device’s IP address

Understanding how to protect your ip address will guarantee that you are at a reduced risk of hacking issues. If you do not protect your IP address, hackers can easily intrude on your devices and breach your personal information, which can put your safety at risk.  

When your devices are at a reduced risk of hacking and then you can guarantee that your child will remain safe and free from hacking issues when they are using a computer or phone.

Monitor what your child does when using the Internet

When your child is using the Internet, is a good idea for you to monitor what they’re doing. Whether you wish to sit by them when they are using the computer or a phone or occasionally check in on them, You will ensure that they are maintaining their safety.

Children will not understand how to avoid seeing things that can harm them. Therefore, if you check in on them, you can guarantee that they are viewing safe websites and not putting themselves at risk.

Install privacy features

There are many child-lock and privacy features that you can install onto your devices so that your child cannot access certain information and websites when they are using the Internet.

Although your child might not be actively searching for harmful things, they might pop up due to them typing in an incorrect word. With privacy features installed and activated, you can guarantee your child can remain as safe as possible when using the Internet.

Check their browsing history

If you do not wish to actively sit next to your child when they are using the Internet because you want them to feel relaxed and comfortable, then you might wish to check their browsing history from time to time to see how they have been using the Internet.

Hopefully, you won’t find anything alarming. However, if you do, then you can speak to your child about it and ensure that they do not access these sites or features again. 

Train your child on how to stay safe when they use the Internet

A short training session with your child can ensure that they can remain as safe as possible when using the Internet, as they will be able to identify red flags and avoid scams.

Internet safety for children is essential so that they do know how to manage their own safety when using the Internet. If your child knows how to successfully recognize red flags, then you can guarantee that they will know how to look after themselves when using the Internet, which is especially beneficial as they grow up and you no longer have the authority to watch over them when they are online.

Ensuring to pursue this training before your child decides to engage in Internet activity will ensure keep them safe at all times. 

Manage your children’s passwords

If your children are using the Internet without your accompaniment, then it can be a good idea to manage your child’s password so that when you wish to check up on them and what they have been using the Internet for, you can do so.

You should create strong, complex passwords for them so that yours and their logins are always safe and secure. The more complex your password is, the reduced risk your computer and information will be of hacking. 

Install security software

Not only will security software protect your own safety when using the Internet, but it will also protect the safety of your child.

Having the most updated security software installed will ensure that you can all maintain safe when using your devices.

Using these tips you can ensure to maximize your child’s safety and protection when they use the Internet. Although you might not feel comfortable with your child, using the Internet, especially without your guidance, is a part of the maturation. It will give them freedom. Yet, ensure to watch over them and train them as they use the Internet in their early years to ensure they are safe.

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