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4 Tips To Remember When Picking The Perfect Bridal Shoes With Ruby Shoo #Wedding

by Author: Jade Lloyd

How important are wedding shoes?

Choosing the perfect wedding dress will probably be top of your agenda, so shoes can then not get that much exposure. Either you know exactly what style you want, or you have absolutely no idea and it looks like you’ll be going in your slippers. To me, bridal shoes are the top wedding accessory and form an important part of your very special day. There’s no rule that says you have to wear stiletto princess pumps underneath your dress, so choose a design of shoe that you like best. Picking a picturesque pair is another way for my personality and style to come through. Some brides go barefoot, others wear multiple pairs during the day, others choose stylish foot prisons and totter like an injured flamingo down the aisle.

Who the Shoo?

The North London based company debuted its first collection in 2011 and has cut a niche for itself designing unique accessories. Samantha Lines, the designer, introduces both archive and modern fabrics into every footwear collection, often adding gorgeous embellishments. The shoes boast a combination of fun, vintage flair and contemporary elements to finish off any look, for any occasion, with perfect creativity.

Why choose Ruby Shoo for bridal shoes?

Ruby Shoo shoes are not only effortlessly stylish with worldwide appeal, but comfortable enough for you to run around in whilst still turning heads (and feet). In addition, they are affordable yet high quality and wear well. To finish off your wedding look why not pick the beautiful Madelaine design, a vision of delicate, feminine romance. If Austen made shoes, then these would be the pair. The classic Ruby Shoo Louis heel offers comfort and the perfect height for trailing hemlines. Featuring delicate brocade with metallic silver detailing, paired with toning faux suede, and set off with a beautiful satin flower corsage, they make the perfect bridal shoes.

Tip: Find your dress first. If you are having a dress altered or tailed by the designer, you’ll need your shoes at each of your dress fittings.

Comfort – you will have to walk around in them!

For this bride, picking the perfect wedding footwear is as simple as considering comfort. My feet are not used to heels and the idea of wearing them for 12 hours straight means I don’t want painful pinkies! Deliberate season, summer is fine for open toes but winter means rain and cold. I will always prefer to put a strap on it for additional ankle support which is why I picked the Ruby Shoo Madelaine design. Try walking up and down a flight of stairs to see if your feet slip out or if they rub uncomfortably. Don’t forget to break them in! Wear your shoes a few times so that they mould to your foot shape. Anyone who has thought about Cinderella’s glass knows she took those heels-from-hell off hours before.

Practicality and functionality are key.

Know your venue. Are you getting hitched in an uneven stone floored Church? A hard floor can often be slippery, especially when wearing brand new shoes. If you are holding an event outside check the terrain AND the weather forecast. Don’t get caught out by gaps in the floor! It’s also a good idea to think about how much walking you will need to throughout the day. What I like about Ruby Shoo is the heels have a soft layer of padding and the material moulds to your feet and are roomy enough not to rub the delicate skin of your heels and sides of your feet.

Tip: Ensure that you maintain composure and elegance by using sandpaper to roughen up the soles in advance.

Colour? What’s a bride to do?

The dress will dictate the mood, colour, embellishment and heel height of your wedding shoes.’ If you (and your outfit) are more traditional, you’ll likely be drawn to classic whites, champagnes, ivories, and nudes. Think materials, satin, lace, silk and the softest leather. If you’re feeling slightly bolder, don’t be afraid go outside the box in the colour department. Step up to silver and gold. Something blue. Decide if you want them to be matching or contrasting in colour. Shoes can be beaded, sequined or have personalised designs and additions. Check out Pinterest for popular ideas, such as writing messages on the bottom of your shoe, like “Mrs. Smith and the date’. That said, don’t run the risk of your outfit looking too ‘busy’ on your wedding day; remember, less is often more. We have a very simple wedding dress that shoes off your toes hence why we picked the beautiful floral accessory with the shoe.

High, higher, highest.

Go for a heel height that you are used to wearing, the higher the heel, the more pressure goes on the ball of your foot. You DON’T want sore ankles or to be taller than the groom. Also, keep in mind that the higher the heel, the longer your dress will have to be, and you don’t want to trip on the hem. Commonly the bride will stick on a pair of ballet flats for the evening reception but that’s when the dress really gets in the way. It will get stepped on by guests on the dance floor. For me, it is best then to pick ONE pair of lower, more comfortable heels. That said, it’s a good idea for you to have a backup pair of shoes in case something happens to your primary pair, such as a broken heel.

Say I do to Ruby Shoo because there is no reason why your feet can’t look as beautiful as the rest of you.




Note: We were kindly gifted a pair of shoes for this feature, all opinions are our own.


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