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Why Buy A Play Mat For Your Baby?

by Author: Jade Lloyd

(AD) We have been kindly gifted the play mat from Baby To Love, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Wondering why you should go to the trouble of purchasing a baby play mat?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should.

Mats are a staple buy for babies and one of THE most versatile, stimulating products that offer important benefits for essential skill development. They also allow babies to build neck/core strength. Part of our newborn essentials shopping guide mats are a lifesaver; they can keep infants occupied for several minutes. Providing a natural boundary for your baby’s play space mats are also sold in a variety of prices according to your needs. Some have lights, music, tummy time pillows, textured toys, while others provide a simple space for baby to lay, look, and play. Perfect for family holidays.

Pili play mat blue edge with blurred baby face in background

Pili Mat.

A must have for the nursery, play mats can usually be used from the day your baby is born all the way until they are crawling. This innovative, colourful design from ‘Baby To Love’ extends the play mat’s usability in that it is multipurpose. Courtesy of its clever fastening and folding system several different positions can be used. At 55 inches it is a decent size. Easy to adjust with sturdy fixings the thick base padding is perfect if you have solid floors, so that your baby will be comfortable on a mattress for as long as he is playing. The non-slip, breathable material is easily wiped clean.

To create a safe learning environment, fold up the edges to keep crawlers enclosed, support early sitters and fill full of balls for extra fun. We love this unique feature which allows several different positions for rest, relaxation and play. Check out our favourite 10 activities you can do with babies and toddlers.  P.s You can also create a play tent!

Its compact, foldable design and zipped bag means the Pili Mat is ideal for busy parents for traveling and storing. 

Pili Push Play mat.

The Pili range also includes a Pili Playmat, the perfect partner to the Pili Mat for additional comfort. Its fabric is soft for sensitive skin. Parents of infants get told again and again how important tummy time is for little ones. Ideal for little ones from 0-12M+, babies will love the engaging jungle print with friendly elephants, lions and tigers.

Pili play mat Jungle theme

A source of visual stimulation the contrasting colour palette of blue and yellow tones encourage cognitive development. Additional features for play, include a mirror and removeable teether. With an older baby the lightweight mat can be thrown in the wash, so Norah sits on the mat to eat snacks and save our carpet! Its so light you can pop it easily in the basket of babies pram, or if you haven’t picked one yet check out our handy stroller guide.

Plush pili play mat with baby in red top sitting on it

Use these mats to keep your toddlers and infants entertained, whether you are at home or outdoors.


These mats are specifically designed for infants, by a company committed to the quality and safety of their products. Designed and developed in France for over a decade ‘Baby To Love’ have specialised in the creation of original, innovative and trend led baby products that provide a helpful hand throughout every moment of your babies day. The Pili Playmat (Jungle or Forest) is available to buy online for £24.95 from Baby To Love. The Pili Mat (Jungle or Forest) is available to buy online for £89.95. There is also a play arch that fits with the set.

Pili playmat carry case

Did your little one have a play mat, where did you get it from and if you could add something to it what would it be? 

Baby to Love Pinterestpin reiew of play mat




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