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Our 5 Top Tips For Festivals In Summer With Kids

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Are you planning on taking your children to a festival this summer? Read our survival guide for parents where we share our top tips!

Firstly, have realistic expectations – a family festival will look a bit different from the ones you used to do at 18 when you drank cider and stayed in the rave tent till 5 am. That does not mean you can’t have an amazing, memory-making time with children, but they are more likely to get overwhelmed, tired and hungry. Going in a group we find works better to share out the childcare.

The UK has many family-friendly festivals. From music and comedy to food and drink, there’s something for all ages to enjoy. From the well-known Glastonbury, and bigger festivals like Camp Bestival, Bluedot (for all things Science), Deer Shed and Latitude…to smaller county gems such as Gloworm and Into The Trees! I tend to go for early bird tickets and ensure to use a reputable site when booking festivals in the UK. Choosing the right festival for your family is important. Consider travel time. Don’t let the headline acts be the only factor, think amenities and activities such as dress-up tents and craft areas for children.

Familiarise yourself with the festival layout beforehand so you know where useful places like first aid is.

Prepare to sleep in a tent.

Preparation is key to having a good festival experience with your kids. Put the tent up in the garden and do a practice run if you are a first-timer. Get there early – to get a good camping spot and plan where you would like to pitch ahead of time. Don’t forget your favourite teddies or blankets which will mean they have some familiarity! When you are at the festival – depending on what you can transport – make outside the tent as comfy as possible with a rug and chairs.

You might think that you have to spend a lot to make festivals accessible for your little ones, but you can find a lot of the camping equipment you need at bargain prices on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or through friends and family.

Think safety first.

Festivals can be busy! On arrival make sure each child is wearing a wristband with your name and phone number on it, just in case. If you want to be extra safe, also write this information inside their shoes! Dressing your children in something bright and easily recognisable is a great way of identifying them in a crowd. And make sure your children know where the meeting place is if they get lost.

Don’t forget footwear!

Weather in the UK is famously unpredictable. Whatever the forecast is, always pack Factor 50 (roll on all the way), sunglasses, and sunhats (with spares). I also always pack wellies and a lightweight foldaway waterproof even in July. Rather than packing bulky coats or sweaters, take lots of light layers, many MANY spare changes of clothes and a plastic bag for dirty laundry. Festivals usually mean long days walking around outdoors but even in good weather, I wouldn’t recommend flip-flops. Children will lose one in ten seconds, we opt for canvas shoes or walking sandals. Make sure they are shoes well-worn and not new – blisters won’t go down well!

Protect their ears.

Even family-friendly festivals can get loud so children’s ear defenders will protect sensitive ears. There are lots of different types of ear defenders available – always read the product reviews.

Food, food and more food.

There will be ice cream vans a plenty but prepare yourself that festival food is expensive and there will be queues. Take A LOT of easily portable snacks and plenty of drinks to keep in your tent. Think snack bars, crisps and apples, chocolate will melt, and bananas will squish! Most festivals have drinking water stations where you can fill up your bottles. It is really important to keep children hydrated. We like the Mountain warehouse bottles that are lightweight and have a wearable strap. Have one for each child. If you’re taking a baby to a festival, then make a note of quiet NCT tents which often have sterilising equipment. Don’t forget the baby wipers for sticky fingers and insect spray to keep the wasps away. Sturdy backpacks help transport everything and invest in a festival cart if you don’t have a buggy! These can double up as places to nap. Some festivals have sling libraries for babies where you can hire slings for the day or weekend, check with the festival about the facilities they have before you go.

There will be lots to see and do! Being prepared and organised will make your experience less stressful. 

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