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10 Theme Park Essentials When In Orlando

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Are you planning a trip to Orlando? 

Orlando is synonymous with fun-filled theme parks and days out in the beautiful Floridian sun. With so much to see and do, making sure you are organised is key to get the most out of your day! Ensuring you have all the right bits and bobs to keep your day running smoothly will significantly enhance your experience too. Take a look at these things you should have when exploring Orlando’s enchanting theme parks.

#Invest in a Reliable Rucksack

Making sure you have a trustworthy and robust rucksack will pay off when exploring the theme parks of Orlando. As you are no doubt familiar with, travelling with children can require many additional necessities (plus the extra items they don’t want to carry them anymore!), which needs to be stored in an accessible form of luggage.

Investing in a decent bag that is strong and durable while remaining lightweight, will be a godsend when you are walking around for the majority of the day.

If it is waterproof, that is one step even better! As we will discuss later on, the weather in Orlando can be quite unpredictable, and while it may be sunny, a shower of rain could happen at any moment!

#Remember the Camera!

This is near the top of the list, as it is something you will kick yourself for forgetting! Having some form of camera, whether it be on your phone, a digital camera, or even a polaroid camera (why not!) to capture all those unforgettable moments is vital.

Make sure this has been popped in the bag, so selfies with favourite characters can be treasured forever. Or perhaps you need a before and after shot of the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World? Who knows, it could be the gift that keeps on giving!

#And the Autograph Book and Pen!

Again, perhaps technically not the most important two items, but if you are going to Universal or Disney, you won’t want to leave them behind at your villas near Disney world!

Seeing your most loved character is one of the most magical aspects of Orlando’s enchanting theme parks, and you will want a memento you can cherish forever. Having a photo and getting an autograph is a massive part of the theme park experience and having a special place to store them is almost as magical.

You can usually buy autograph books at the theme parks, but pre-purchasing your own beforehand is much cheaper!

#Have Plenty of Sun Cream.

Florida isn’t called The Sunshine State for no good reason! And as beautiful as it is, it can be dangerous. Applying sun cream in the morning and then spending the rest of the day outdoors won’t be enough protection for your skin, and you will need to keep re-applying throughout the day.

Ideally, you will want to take sun cream with an SPF level of 30 or more. Like the autograph books, it can be purchased onsite, but it is much cheaper to buy it beforehand.

Sun hats and umbrellas are also a good idea to protect yourself from intense sun rays.

#Pack Spare Clothing.

For your children, especially, having a spare set of clothing could be vital while going on any water rides. You may have some memories of your own where the excitement of riding a log flume ended much to the disappointment of getting soaked… and then having to remain in the same clothes for the rest of the day! To keep problems like this to a minimum, ensuring you have some back up could be the difference of a happy time and a moany time.

#Have a Poncho Ready!

As we have already highlighted, Orlando’s weather can be unpredictable and quite temperamental. Summer is not only hot, but it is also blessed with a lot of rain because the summer months are also the rainy season! Flash rainfall usually lasts for a couple of hours, so try not to get too caught out and have a poncho at the ready.

The fun doesn’t stop when the rain falls. Oh no! The majority of theme parks keep the rides going, so you don’t have to miss out. Another key reason why having a poncho is essential.

#Have a Refillable Water Bottle Handy.

Your day will be none stop fun! And it’s essential to keep all family members hydrated, especially in the sun. Many of the theme parks accept you to bring your own food and drink, so having a refillable container is extremely handy. Not only does it save you spending unnecessary dollars on water, but it is also better for the environment.

#Be Prepared with Plasters!

Walking all day may end with a few blisters on your feet. Popping a little packet in your bag could save a few tears while exploring the theme parks. They are not heavy or big, so won’t take up much room in your bag.

#Packing Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitiser Won’t Hurt. 

It is always best to bring either of these items for messy, unforeseeable situations like ice cream spills. The theme parks in Orlando are very hygiene aware and take great care in ensuring the parks are clean. However, these items are the type where if you don’t have them, you end up needing them!

#Have a Portable Charger for Back-Up.

It would be a tragedy if you finally found your favourite character and the camera died mid photo! Don’t take the risk, and make sure you have a portable charger in your bag. Of course, ensuring you have a charged device is more important for actual emergencies, and is a useful thing to have when you are travelling.

Of course, there are plenty of other items you may need while adventuring around the beautiful theme parks in Orlando, but hopefully, this has got you off to the right start!


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