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Ladies, Does The Cost Of An Engagement Ring Really Matter?

by Author: Jade Lloyd

It’s an old debate that many men and women have all the time. Typically, you see men and women fall into two sides of the argument. The men will say price doesn’t matter, while women tend to argue it does. Let’s reignite this argument by looking at some of the key talking points from both sides!

The price indicates the quality

This is a big argument in favour of the price mattering. It’s simply a case of expensive rings being of a higher quality than cheap ones. It’s the same as buying a house or buying anything: if you want the best, you have to pay for it. Therefore, getting a cheap ring can be seen as an insult as it suggests you’re not worth the higher quality items. If someone truly loved you, surely they should be willing to spend time saving up as much money as possible?

Not everyone can afford expensive rings

The counter to the previous point is that not everyone has a massive budget. You can easily save up for months and still be unable to afford the best rings. This is simply because you don’t earn enough money and have lots of other expenses to take care of. As such, it’s argued that price shouldn’t matter, as long as you pick a nice ring within your budget. If you look at these diamond engagement rings from Whiteflash, you’ll see there are options for different budgets. So, if you can’t afford the premium ring, does it really matter if you get a cheaper one? They look similar, and shouldn’t your partner be happy that you’ve spent what you can?

The price is an indication of love and commitment

This was touched upon in the first point, but it’s the idea that the price of a ring shows how much someone loves you. If they are willing to save for as long as possible, then it shows they’re truly committed to you. So, people will argue that – even if you have a small budget – you should still look for the most expensive ring within that budget. If you automatically look to save money, it might show you don’t feel that strongly for the person you claim to love. 

The ring is more important than the price

Finally, there’s the argument that the ring itself is what’s most important, not the price. By this I mean the style of the ring. A good partner will buy a ring that they know their loved one will adore. They’ve spent months and years collecting hints and storing them away for this purchase. When the time comes, they produce the ring of your dreams. What’s better: an expensive ring that you hate the look of, or a cheaper one that fits the ring in your dreams?

For me, that last point is the killer blow. I don’t think the price is as important as some people make out. It’s more crucial that your partner spends time choosing a ring they know you will love. This shows they’ve put lots of effort and attention into the process, rather than blindly picking the most expensive option just because it costs a lot. Of course, we all have our opinions, and I’d be more than happy to hear what everyone else thinks. 


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