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Garden Fun With 11 Zuru Water Balloon Games

by Author: Jade Lloyd

#AD We were kindly gifted the Zuru Bunch O Balloons and X-shot water pistols to include in this review.

Are you looking for suggestions for child friendly garden activities?

Lockdown and shared parenting has been a challenging time, keeping the children entertained and educated at home. If you have outside room, why not transform your garden into a playground.  Read our 4 budget ideas to improve your garden. Whether it is summer, spring or autumn give your children something to do to keep them busy, provide some fun family time with activities to warm up or cool down! We only have a very small bit of lawn so have to get creative with space. You don’t need a pool to make a splash in your backyard. What could be a more perfect time to play some kids’ water games – or better yet, have an all-out family water fight? The bigger, the wetter, the better!

Reams of parental planning is not needed but some of our favourite activities do require a couple of water pistols, water balloons and a tap or two! You really must try the below-listed games to encourage your children to play and develop their teamwork and communication skills.

#Have a classic water gun fight!

Or, if you have plenty of room then why not play Water Gun Tag? Use a smaller gun that is easy to carry like the X-Shot Water Warfare Micro Fast-Fill Water Blaster (rrp: £10.00). This water gun refills in just 1 second. Dunk, pull the hammer, fill and release the hammer to seal the blaster. Have a bucket full of water that is a no shoot zone for topping up and leave the kids to it! It shoots up to 26ft/8m, so make sure you are sunbathing in a safe spot! Simply select one player to be “It”. Give “It” the water gun and have them try to tag the other players by squirting them. Have a rule set to not shoot at heads. Whoever gets tagged becomes frozen until another player crawls between their legs.

#Paint with pistols.

For next level water fighting you will need one water gun per player, and liquid watercolours. Remove anything you really like from the garden. Fill the water guns with paint and have a colourful water fight while wearing white t-shirts.

#Filler up.

Divide into pairs. Teammates stand six feet apart; one person gets a cup with a ping-pong ball in it and the other a water pistol. On “ready, set, go” players with the X-shot blaster race to squirt enough water into the cup to make the ball float. Be warned — you have to dump the cup and start all over again if you move closer to each other.

#Target practice.

Try out the larger X-Shot Water Warfare Fast-Fill Water Blaster (rrp: £12.99) that shoots up to 30ft/10m. Reuse the plastic cups and stack them into a pyramid. Use the water stream to knock them down. Step back each time and for added fun why not have a prize to win if the children knockdown all the cups? If you have younger children you can mix up your own bubble mixture, grab an old plastic bottle, cut the bottom off, dip it into the bubble mixture and blow through the bottle to create your own bubbles. The shooter can then try and target the bubbles!

#Cup races.

Tie string between two objects to make a track (make tracks parallel if you have more than one child). Make a hole in a plastic cup and put it on the string. The aim is to push the cup to the endpoint using a water gun. The player whose cup reaches the end point faster wins the game. At the end of playtime, if you have some hardy perennials, task your children with watering the plants. Aim for the soil as to not damage leaves!

# Zuru water balloon dodgeball.

The perfect sunny day outdoor activity! As a parent I have avoided water balloons as much as possible because of how painstaking tying and filling each balloon is. Apparently, I am behind the times. Unleash the thrill of summer with ZURU Bunch O Balloons! Fill and Tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds with these self-tying water balloons! With innovative O-Ring technology and Rapid Fill capabilities, say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons and say hello to never ending splash out loud fun! Simply connect to a tap or a hose, fill and make hundreds of water balloons with no hand-tying! Divide the kids into equal groups, each with their own colour bucket of water balloons. Pelt opponents and the last (dry) child standing wins. Make sure you have a lot of balloons prepped!

#Hot (not a) potato.

Perfect for smaller children, sit next to each other and start passing around a water balloon.  An adult plays music and then, at random intervals, turns it off.  Whoever is left holding the water balloon or whoever pops it is the one out.

#Balloon YoYo.

Cut a rubber band, then, tie it to the water balloon.  The kids have to yo-yo them up and down until the last one with their balloon intact wins!

#Popping paint faces.

Using the same washable paints, you used in the watercolour battle fill some lighter coloured balloons and paint faces, why not get the children to do portraits of each other without making them go pop? Available from Smyths, Entertainer, Argos the packs of Bunch O Balloons sell for £9.99 which is great value for money. If you are reading this thinking that is a lot of popped rubbish Zuru have worked hard to ensure the balloons 100% recyclable with Terracycle – why not make an extra game of collecting the pieces at the end of the fight? Teach children about the important of recycling whilst having fun. Follow our 18 steps to more environmentally friendly living. 

#Balloon spoon races.

Use a wooden spoon, replace an egg with a water balloon and race! Our toddler loved this exercise for balancing!

#Maths target practice.

Combine number recognition, the Bunch O Balloons Water Filler/Soaker (RRP: £12.99) and water balloons for a fun, easy and educational game. Line balloons with numbers in a row and ask the children to fire! Younger children can do numbers up to ten or you can do sums or times tables for older children. The Hydro Blaster can drench your target from almost 30ft away and also doubles up as a handy balloon filler. Whoever can make the biggest balloon without it popping it is the winner! Or, if you have a paddling pool you could also fill it up with numbered Zuru balloons and ask children sums and they stamp on the balloon answer. The balloons are a game changer for parents – really quick and easy to use, even the children could do it! Grown-ups, why not sit back and enjoy a Pimms and try and stay dry.

Why not check out more home activities for families with Zuru BOB Water Balloons!

P.s. Water can make surfaces slippery, so make sure everyone in the family is wearing comfortable shoes that grip well. Keep buckets and other easily-tripped-over objects out of the way.

What other summertime water games do you love?




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