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6 Summer Beauty Tips You Need to Know

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Summer is fast approaching, and that means if you want to look your best, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your summer beauty routine.

The sunshine and humidity that summer so often brings can also bring challenges to your beauty routine, but if you take note of the following tips, you’ll be able to meet them head-on and always look your best whether on the beach, relaxing in your garden or overheating in the office.

  1. Switch to SPF products.

If you aren’t already using them, then now is the perfect time to switch to SPF containing products like these ones from Colorscience. These will help to protect your skin against sun damage, and you won’t have to worry about messing up your makeup with sun lotion.

  1. Deep conditioning.

In the summer months, not only does your hair take a battering from the sun, which can cause it to dry out, become brittle, or even frazzle it completely, but you are also more likely to wash your hair daily because you get more sweaty, and that is bad for your hair too. That’s why I would really recommend that you apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair at least once a week in the summer months. It will help to keep your hair soft, shiny, and most importantly, in good health.

  1. Spritz with rosewater.

As well as using it as a toner, it’s always a good idea to take a small bottle of rosewater out with you in the summer. Whenever your face gets too hot, you can give yourself a little spritz and it will not only cool you down but also help to keep your skin in good condition by keeping it nourished and restoring the correct PH balance. Oh, and it smells pretty amazing too!

  1. Schedule weekly body scrubs.

In the summer you get hotter and sweatier and there is more dust in the environment, This can make your skin direr, and dirtier than it usually is, which is why you should thoroughly scrub and exfoliate your body at least once a week using a heavy-duty exfoliating product, and ideally a hard-bristled brush. This will get rid of all that dead skin and environmental pollution to ensure that you always have a healthy glow, Just make sure you follow up with a whole lot of moisturiuser!

  1. Make sure to apply a primer.

Before you put your foundation on, be sure to apply a primer in the summer. Why? Because not only will it give you a more flawless look, but it will also help to actually keep your makeup on – no more sweating off your face!

  1. Switch to tinted moisturiser.

Of course, you could also switch to a lighter tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead of wearing foundation, This will be lighter, fresher and less likely to melt off in the summer.

I hope you have a great summer, and with these simple summer beauty tips, you’ll definitely have a pretty one!


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