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Can Vinyl Flooring Truly Last a Lifetime?

by Author: Jade Lloyd

People say nothing lasts forever, and we all are victims to products that don’t live up to their weighty monikers in our lifetimes.

When we want the best recommendations, we don’t look to the advertisers or the products themselves, we turn our attention to friends and someone neutral to give advice. So why are homeowners now turned on to recommendations from interior designers when it comes to flooring options, and why is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring such a highly recommended option?

Upfront Costs. 

Costs are going to be the first thing on the consideration chart. Thankfully, this is where the strong points start, as Cheapest Amtico flooring UK is a cost-effective solution with individual sheets or tiles providing not much difference in price in comparison to the real deal.

If the saving on price is one thing, then the option of saving on professional fitters is an extra benefit by simply doing it yourself. With a cut to size sections and choosing to click together or gluing down with an adhesive, it is not exactly rocket science to put the room together on your own.

Due to the extreme durability of Amtico products, you will save on any replacement of tiles or sheets. As a high market product, they very rarely require switching and can be pulled up individually on any occasion when required.

Talking on That Durability. 

Here is where people would no doubt feel it too good to last. Can vinyl flooring truly be durable for heavy foot traffic over decades?

Due to the hard-wearing and 100% water-resistant properties, the lowest price Amtico flooring or even the Amtico Signature collection is ideal for all rooms of the house, including those where water is at constant risks such as your bathrooms and kitchen. Scratches on the flooring are also not high on risk due to anti-scratch technology, which is perfect for rooms where your move around habits usually would leave a mark on your floor.

As a cushioned product, it is safe from any items such as glass or plates that could be dropped as vinyl is proven to give a bounce off effect where most would provide a smash or chip in your plates or glasses.

Keeping it Clean.

Stains usually provide a large impact on the overall look of carpets or hardwood flooring and despite multiple treatment use, discolouration can be present.

Vinyl flooring products are easy to clean with simple soapy water mixed with vinegar and a non-bristle sponge, easy to mop over or vacuum and leave no trace on those stubborn substances that would leave an everlasting imprint on regular flooring.

Can luxury wood effect vinyl flooring truly last a lifetime? With the right care and attention, it certainly pushes itself to the forefront of consideration.

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Ricky Duodu 22nd May 2021 - 6:07 am

It depends how you look after the flooring.


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