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Tips For Hosting Easter Dinner

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Hosting an elegant Easter dinner isn’t something you should be worried about. This is a day for the kids. But the adults can have their fun too. While the children eat more chocolate than they should, you can have the time of your life with friends and family. From cooking the traditional easter dinner to ensuring you have all the wine and beer you need, here are some tips.

Look the Part 

Hosting any party means that all eyes are usually on you. As the host, you need to interact with everyone at your home. And this can be a major hit to your confidence if you aren’t prepared. Getting in the mood and ready to have a good time is one of the best ways to become a great host. But looking the part is crucial. Get your hair done, browse long sleeve cocktail dresses online and spend more time than usual on makeup to make sure you feel as good as you look.

Stick with the Traditional

It is always best to keep it simple when hosting pretty much any party. Easter is a special time for many people as it is also a major religious holiday. So, it helps to ensure it all goes well. Sticking with tradition and giving people what they expect is usually the best choice. In the UL, for example, a traditional Sunday dinner with a roasted lamb is far and wide the winning option. Of course, prepare something alternative for vegetarian and vegan guests, even the gravy!

Indulgent Eggs at an Elegant Easter Dinner

Who said the kids should have all the fun? We often think of Easter eggs for children, but there is no reason why adults can’t have some treats, too. Each year, over 90 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK alone. Most are for children. But major supermarkets also offer more indulgent eggs for grownup pallets. Take Aldi, for example. You save money just by shopping there. But one luxurious egg is the chocolate and orange marble. Guests will love this after a meal.

Stock Up on Wine and Beer

While no one’s saying you need alcohol for a good time, it will be expected at a dinner party. Wine and beer are the top choices for most guests, and it is probably a good idea to leave out the spirits anyway. Even so, it’s always better to have more than you need than not enough, or guests may become disappointed. Red wine is traditionally served with roast lamb anyway, but not everyone likes a full-bodied Bordeaux. Get your alcohol before the supermarkets close.

Prepare Everything Beforehand

Like Christmas, Easter Sunday is a time to enjoy and relax. So why put so much strain on yourself? As with a Christmas dinner, almost everything can be prepared beforehand with an Easter dinner. Maybe the day before or earlier in the morning, potatoes and carrots can be peeled, lamb can be roasted, and gravy can be made. Getting as much done beforehand leaves you available to entertain guests and takes off some of the pressure of cooking for a group.


Looking and feeling great is crucial when it comes to hosting an elegant Easter dinner. Guests will be thrilled with indulgent adult Easter eggs. Preparing food earlier takes off some pressure.

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