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Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring – Why & Where To Use It In Your Home

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Home improvement plans? Introducing Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring.

Refurbishing a Victorian house has been a huge learning curve for me, you have so many ideas going into a renovation, but you quickly learn that budgets and practicalities hugely affect your design choices. There are so many modern, low-cost products out there that can help to transform a room.

Our next challenge is the dining room which had carpet laid over old quarry tiles, which are in turn laid on top of soil. Damp soil. They will need to be dug out, a damp proof membrane installed, then a cement base with all the bells and whistles to meet building regs laid…and after, what should we put on top? Tile for practicality? Or, I would love to have a parquet floor but alternatively am looking into wood-mimicking materials like laminate and vinyl which can offer all the features I want, without the high price tag of hardwood. One’s natural, one’s synthetic, but both are high-quality, durable flooring options.

Why should you use Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring in your house?

 Vinyl flooring is a modern, engineered material. It is especially durable because it is made from multiple layers with a thick core to feel comfortable underneath your feet. There are many benefits that can prompt you to install vinyl flooring in your home. Wood effect vinyl flooring offers a very traditional feel to a room, you can get the look of exposed floorboards, without the creaking and the drafts.

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring is easy to install.

Vinyl floors are particularly great for renovations, as they are thin and can be installed on top of concrete, hardwood, plywood, or an existing floor. There are different types of techniques available: click lock, tongue and groove, glue-down and self-adhesive vinyl flooring, which is self-explanatory! You can buy planks, tiles or sheet vinyl depending on your space and needs.

Wood Effect Vinyl offers a floor for your budget.

Vinyl floors are an accessible, budget-friendly option of flooring that are good thermal conductors and are compatible with underfloor heating. Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring offers more design possibilities: different colours, and a wide range of textures. Do you want dark, wooden planks or a light beech wood effect? When fitting engineered wood flooring, some need to be laid with underlay which is crucial in ensuring your floor performs at optimum level. It means warmer floors but will add money to your basket total.

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring is easy to maintain.

Vinyl floors are easy to clean. You won’t need any special products or tools. A broom or vacuum will be enough to remove dust and a damp mop with products recommended for vinyl floors, avoiding abrasive cleaners or bleach will keep it spotless. Be sure to avoid mops with built-in scrub brushes, however, as this can damage your floor.

What are the downsides to Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring?

Like anything, there are cons you need to carefully weigh up. Things like – the installation of vinyl flooring requires a sound base layer, as indentations will show. Professional installation is recommended with some types of vinyl flooring. Research your floors, and what thickness vinyl you are aiming for, many reputable companies send out free samples. Moving furniture across vinyl may scratch the flooring. Buy felt pads. You will want to invest in a product that comes with a warranty and thick wear layer to ensure the veneer is highly resistant to scratches and stains. As an added note, vinyl flooring can also be difficult to recycle depending on the brand and composition which is an important consideration for those environmentally conscious shoppers.

Where should you fit Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring in your home?

Vinyl flooring is waterproof, so it can be used virtually anywhere inside the home. It is especially suited to wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Whether you are wanting to achieve a contemporary design or a timeless appeal for your space, there are vinyl floor options for you. It is very on-trend due to its lower price point than real hardwood and outperformance of laminate. Wood effect LVT (vinyl click flooring) is extremely versatile and the fastest growing floor covering in the world…I am eying up Herringbone for the dining room. Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it was first developed decades ago.

Do you have vinyl flooring in your home? What type did you choose and why? What do you think of it?

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