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The History Of Debt Facilities And Why It Still Exists

by Author: Jade Lloyd

One of the first money systems may have been where we used cattle as money. This is because cattle were able to be traded for other assets, and they could reproduce themselves. If money was lost or stolen, it could be replaced easily by buying another animal from someone who had them around. As civilisation developed further money evolved into more sophisticated forms like gold coins or notes with banks as custodians. However, if money is lost then its value will be harder to replace than an animal since it can not be reproduced or grown as fast. It would take a long time to make money from money in this way, which meant that debt facilities became popular through mortgage advice for helping people borrow money from banks for things like houses or business expansions in order to have the benefit of the asset while paying back the bank for this benefit.

However, money is not only precious metal or paper notes but can also be electronic money. This money is simply recorded in computer databases and does not have the same value as money that you could touch at first sight, but money in your bank account has real buying power even if it is imaginary money. 

Debt Facilities

We are very used to debt facilities now and may not realise how much money they help us keep safe. For example, we may think that gold coins will work fine because of their value, but if everyone suddenly decided to grab them then there would be a big problem. The government would print more money so that people could get some new gold coins instead of stealing them from each other. 

Also, money could be lost by flooding a money system, this was seen when the tsunami struck Thailand last year and the banks were closed due to damage. However, debt facilities can be used for money and debt to stay safe from these problems. 

Money can be stored in many ways including buying gold or silver but then you still need somewhere safe to keep it. If your house burns down then you may lose all of your money even if it is protected by a safety deposit box in the bank.

You are much better off using new forms of money like electronic money, but with modern-day money, there is still one problem: losing your login keys!


E-money comes in many forms and may have values added to it. However if someone steals the money or its password then they will have access to all of this money too, even though it may be some time before you realise that you are not using your money. You can see why debt facilities helped people borrow money, but now money is soon going to become much safer since it’s possible to make money out of money – and we don’t just mean trading!

Borrow responsibly

There is a lot more information on money available for anyone who wants to read about managing their finances carefully – whether real money or electronic money. Student loans are something a lot of us are paying off now university attendance is commonplace.  If you want to find your payoff date then you can use a calculator.  For this and for tips on how to ditch student debt, learn more here. Payday loans are also very useful for borrowing small sums of cash, but always be careful how much you take out. It is a good idea to save money regularly into your bank account and don’t spend money you do not have. You can get loans for things like houses, cars, or business expansion – even when these are well established – but be careful as they will become debts that cannot easily be paid back if there is no extra money coming in or prices go up!

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