A Day In The Life Of A Lioness Mummy. Queen of the Parenting Jungle #Mumpride

We work hard don’t we? Juggling so many brightly coloured balls takes energy, commitment and caffeine. Sometimes they slip clumsily through my fingers and hit me in the face. I own being a busy working mummy. I may leave my son at home but he is NEVER not with me. We as a family make working work for us all. Thinking back to my pre-parent self I wonder what she did with so much time. If I could place a glass bottle in the sea of time I would send a glimpse of all I do to keep life going to my young self. Appreciate the quiet moments, the freedom, have more lie-ins and applaud what you will become. Earnestly if I knew how hard it would be I wonder if I would have been a mother…but then amongst the endless chaos, within the deep layers of exhaustion is a reassurance that… View Post

The 5 Feelings Of Parents With Peppa Pig Obsessed Children #Tv #Peppagate

Peppa Pig… You have to wonder what type of obscure, darkly humoured, undoubtedly intoxicated minds create children’s TV programmes. I envisage a Tartan wearing man called Ted who never ages and lives in his mum’s basement. That or they are written by a marshmallow coloured unicorn that chain drinks strong coffee. My childhood memories are hazily filled with colourful snippets of the Magic Roundabout and the monotonous voice of Postman Pat (who now has got all modern and bought a helicopter). From when my little boy was around eighteen months the only show that graced our tiny Tv was Peppa Pig (I am still haunted by the darn theme tune). Prior to that it was Mr Tumble…shudder. I still can’t look at a spotty bag without getting unreasonably angry. Peppa it seems, has muscled out Thomas the Tank engine as the ruling cartoon character sovereign of CBBC. Apparently it has… View Post

The BIG Parenting Jungle Multi-Brand 5000 Twitter Followers #Competition #Win #Giveaway

#COMPETITION We are having a BIG celebration this week after hitting 5000k followers on Twitter after just a few months blogging. Fanfare sounds. We wanted to say a big thank you to TPJ readers and the innovative and amazing brands we work with. So what would be better than hosting a multi-brand giveaway to introduce some amazing family friendly products to our readers and for those amazing readers to get the opportunity to win some goodies?! I love the term goodies. These lovely brands have very generously gifted their products so please show them a lot of love, some are established businesses some are start-up companies all offering products or services that we love here at TPJ. WIN a Bakerdays Letterbox Gift Cake. The Bakerdays website offers an almost unlimited selection of cake designs with messages that can all be personalised to create a unique centre piece to any occasion.… View Post

Stuck Choosing Presents For A Child? Wicked Uncle Have You Covered #Presentsforkids @Wickeduncle

Insert the song…I know what boys like, I know what guys want…FOR A PRESENT. Welcome to Wicked Uncle, the most wicked (as in 90’s slang rather than green musical) E toyshop about. Wicked Uncle helps people become A* present buyers. I love the premise of this company. They acknowledge that children can seem a complete mystery. ‘What they eat is hard enough to work out, let alone what interesting toys they might want for their birthday. And it is not always easy to remember birthdays.’ Offering FUN, cool and out of the ordinary toys many of them are tested extensively in WU’s own homes by their junior Toy Testers. They can gift-wrap your presents, post them direct with a handwritten birthday card and send birthday reminders every year. Before I had kids I would buy cute little BEIGE clothes, presents that were bound to make a mess…or ones with bits… View Post

12 Things I SHOULD Have Done When I Started Blogging. What NOT To Do #Newbloggers #Pbloggers

I will say now I am NO pro blogger, I think I still count as  a new blogger as HTML codes still mystify me. But in the 5 months (ISH) I have been blogging I have definitely made life harder for myself by being completely unaware and jumping in balls deep. So this post is for pointing out the little things that take ages to redo. Many amazing people have patiently imparted their wisdom to me so I feel the blogging world is kind of Lion king esk in that in ‘circle of life’ style we all share our learning. I would not be where I am today without others generosity, kindness, love of GIFS and jokes about breasts. There is NO one size fits all approach to blogging. My tips correlate to what I want from by blog; I want people to enjoy reading it.  Some people couldn’t give two… View Post

20 House Rules For Families. Honest Ones That CAN’T Go On The Fridge #Honesthouserules #Realfamilies

I sat with my cuppa the other evening trying to draft a couple of new ‘house rules’ for the Jungle homestead. They help to manage to chaos and I feel powerful with a biro in my hand. We used to have a list on the fridge to back up what we were saying to our little boy when he was going through his bloody awful 4’s. I could have used a descriptive that also rhymes with F for four but I didn’t. Because this is a family blog. ‘No biting’ was one of them. Little nipper. Thankfully he is past that and the ‘unkind hands’ phase. We blame over exposure to Ninja turtles. The new improved rules are things like, if you want something screaming ‘MUMMY’ in an inaudible pitch. REPEATEDLY. Is not a polite way to ask for a sandwich. Halfway through this very sensible task I got thinking about the… View Post

15 Things ALL Parents Should Be Told. Everyday! #Bekindtoyourself #Promoteproudparenting

Parents… You are doing amazing. Staggering around in porridge stained pyjamas, drinking cold coffee while the baby screams at 2 am. You are amazing. You’re not alone. There are thousands of us staring bleary eyed into the night and hoping we will survive the next 18 years. Parenting will make you vulnerable, but also stronger than you have ever been. Love yourself as much as you love them. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all seen other parents make mistakes. There is no perfect parent. Never has been. Mrs homemade-hummus-snacks mother sometimes thinks ‘bugger it’ and goes to McDonalds. We all get a bit scared sometimes. When you are at the end of your tether, when you are exhausted or seething, when patience has buggered off to the Bahamas. Take a breath. Hide in the bathroom for two minutes, call your mum. It is not you, or them. Tomorrow is a… View Post