Did I Make A Boob? Breastfeeding & Me #Breastfeeding #Bottlefeeding #Justfeeding

Yes, like many before me I decided to throw my oar in (or bra in) on the baby feeding debate… After a complicated forceps birth and 3rd degree episiotomy (in non-medical terms the midwife had a big scissors. Wince). I was left with pain from the procedure and unbeknown to me at the time, a broken coccyx. A first time mum I existed in a giddy sleep deprived haze of cluelessness and caffeine. I think I wore the same pyjamas for a week and as I could not sit down I fed my son standing up; the outside world was a distant memory. I had planned to breastfeed, it was not a rigidly assertive decision but I was aware of the health benefits of breast milk and was instructed of the positives in every birthing session. I did not buy bottles or formula. In earnest I was simply confident that because it was natural it would be easy. In reality I was discharged from hospital and found myself feeling lost. Thankfully my mother had come to stay for three days, I don’t remember them but without her I would have floundered. I do recall her explaining that the baby needed a vest under his sleepsuit and with all the prenatal classes I had I don’t think one told me about how to dress a baby, how to put on a nappy or bath him safety. It was like learning to swim without armbands, in a tsunami. My midwife tutted at the state of my stitches, gathered my son in her arms and chatted happily to him. Leo found it difficult to latch on, I was uncomfortable, anxious and he was irritable.   As soon as I took my bra off it would be like a milk nerf gun would shoot in… View Post