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Updating Your Child’s Bedroom

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Is your child’s room in need of an update? Whether they’ve outgrown the current décor or their tastes have changed, you’ll be looking for the best ways to upgrade their room, so they continue to love being in it. On average, bedrooms get redecorated every 29 months in the UK, and redesigns for a child’s bedroom can cost as much as £900 every time you change it.

There are a lot of components to think about in a child’s bedroom, however, as it needs to be a functional space for homework as well as a sanctuary for playtime. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on updating your child’s bedroom, so you guarantee it meets their needs as they grow up. Read to find out more and how to update bedrooms based on their age. 


This is for those aged zero to three, so you want the design to be fun with bright colours to stimulate their minds. An animal theme is a common way to inject these colourful shades into the room and you can add cuddly toys to their bed to accompany the vibrant walls. 

Blackout blinds are a must for this age group too as they will help them adopt a regular sleeping pattern. This is super important for sleep but you’ll also need to avoid the common mistakes that new parents make to ensure your baby gets the rest they need.


From three to six years old, the independence stage comes in and you’ll find your child trying to do more and more by themselves. This includes playing with their many toys and falling asleep by themselves. For the latter, you’ll want to buy them the best night lights to help them go to sleep and wake up on time, so they’re rested for their upcoming day at nursery or school. 

At this age, they’ll no doubt have their favourite films or TV shows too and a great way you can inject this passion into the bedroom is through bedding. Add their heroes to the bed and they’ll be excited to jump in every single night!


From six to nine, they’ll be getting more and more creative, so you should streamline the room to encourage this. They might love painting or playing music, so adding a space to their bedroom where this creativity can thrive is a must. You may also want to hang their artwork on the wall to add a more personal touch and make better use of empty spaces like walls.


From nine to twelve and over, the teenage years are looming, which means their tastes will have developed and they’ll want to express this in the room design. Whatever design they choose, make sure there’s enough storage to go with it for all the items they’ve got over the years.  A good way to do this is to add a walk-in wardrobe that can not only store clothes and toys but also provide them with more room to decorate and express themselves individually 

The amount of homework they get at this age will also ramp up, so they’ll need a space to complete it to the highest quality. This makes a desk a must and you can accompany this with a comfortable chair for optimal productivity.

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