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How to turn your hobbies into a job

Being a mother doesn’t really leave you with, much deserved, alone time. Therefore, every minute available for some “you-time” calls for something really special, relaxing, creative, and stimulating at the same time. That is why the healthiest decision you could make is taking on a hobby that will take off your mind on stressful everyday matters.

There are many hobbies that a busy mother can take on, and strangely most of them can also become a way to earn some extra money, while doing something you really enjoy, which lets face it is a definite plus.

Of course, turning your hobby into a business is not as easy as it may sound, but nonetheless if you feel you are ready to make that decision, there are some hobbies that could be perfect to transform into your ‘extra money making’ business. Furthermore, online you will find many useful resources like jobrapido that can provide you with great career advices and help you to figure out where to start. Let’s look at a few most popular hobby’s that you can easily turn into a job.


Being a proud mum might be giving you an advantage in this case; in fact, if you are one of those mums that love photographing your kids every move, your every holiday, your every outside excursions, and so on, this will probably mean that you have gained the ability to make the most gorgeous photographs, hence you are able to make this passion into more than a hobby. There are quite some ways to transition from a hobby to a part-time job when talking about photography. For example, you could try and expose your work in private exhibition venues, or in cafes, or you could look for a job as a photographer assistant, or better yet become a wedding photographer.


As a mother crafting won’t even fall under the hobby category, but just under regular things you can enjoy with your kids too. Although, there is more to it than we could have ever imagined. In fact, if you do believe you are becoming great at crafting, and you start creating beautiful things from making hats, to more artsy things like jewellery, you have a great opportunity under your nose and open your own little business. There are some ways you could face this, you could open your own website and online store where you would be able to sell your work, or you could stock your things on other online stores, or even just sell them in the city’s markets during the weekends.


As a woman exercise is a very important and fundamental part of your everyday life, but not many know that there is the possibility to make of your everyday healthy routine, something that can get you that extra money. In fact, you could become a personal trainer, or even a yoga teacher, with a little determination this could be one of the most rewarding jobs you could get. Imagine reliving that excitement and happiness you got when you first realised that with some good work you achieved your goal through your customers’ achievements.

Whatever your hobby might be, always remember that nothing is impossible. Sometimes turning those hobbies into your everyday job could become one of the most satisfying decisions you could have ever made.

Do you have any hobbies that could be transformed into a job?

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