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Tips for Clothes In Winter With Lighthouse Clothing

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Are you looking for tips for layering clothes and staying stylish in winter? We all want to stay warm and comfortable when we head outdoors, but how?

With a cold front just arrived, we are thinking about winter fashion. It is not just about picking a fluffy jumper! Layering thinner articles of clothing can help keep you warm and gives you more flexibility to remove layers if you go somewhere warm. This is especially good if you have young children and are out for a winter stroll then pop into a café. Layers can be stripped off quickly and put back on with ease! Or easily removed if hot chocolate gets spilt everywhere!

So, here are our top tips for layering up for comfortable, effective (and stylish) warmth this December.

Avoid bulky layers.

If you wear just one or two super thick layers you may get overly hot which is uncomfortable and will weigh you down with excess bulk! Instead, learn the art of layering – taking a few thinner pieces and layering them together means you can stay on-trend and cosy.

If you are heading out my top tip is to do a few jumping jacks, get your body warm, and then zip up your coat – this keeps the warmth in! Breathable materials like cotton are ideal as they let the skin breathe, and it is a particularly good choice for children as they have sensitive skin. The Lighthouse Causeway Sweet Pea Stripe Chick cotton, crew-necked tee is available in a range of colours from 1-8 years. On sale at £13.99 the t-shirt is soft, had a good amount of stretch and my daughter loves the hand drawn animal motif.

Remember your shape.

One of the most common problems with layering clothes for cold weather is the possibility of layers overshadowing your shape. The best solution is to make sure the base layer is fitted, and the other layers add an oversized appeal, a texture, a print, or colour. One of the most important things is making sure your clothes fit well. With children, I always ensure in cold weather they have a fitted vest then because they grow so fast, I tend to size up when I buy clothing.

Invest in reputable outdoor brands.

Especially with outerwear for your winter wardrobe, buying from outdoor brands is always a sensible choice as they will have been made to keep of the elements! Based in Northern Ireland, Lighthouse Clothing sells style led apparel for daily life designed for you to look great and stay dry! With a variety of 100% cotton, cotton-rich and peach finished polyester fabrics they have developed the best materials for each price point.

Know your layers.

For effective upper body layering you start with a tight base layer, slim-fitting long or short sleeved t-shirts are invaluable for layering. Then you add a mid-layer and can also add an additional mid layer. I find the best choice for this is an open front item like a thin hoodie. A hoodie also gets bonus points for its face-shielding abilities. Then the final outerwear layer tops the outfit off.

On a recent winter walk, for example, I wore a t-shirt, under a thin long sleeve top, under a thin knit high neck jumper, and under a light jacket. My daughter, I tend to put in a vest, long sleeve top with a t shirt on top with a cardigan that you can undo with a waterproof jacket. She has got thick coats but especially if we are going to the park a thin coat is better for movement. The Lighthouse clothing Olivia Jacket – in Sweet Pea Farm Print is on sale for £23.99 and available in sizes 1-8 years. It boasts all of the practical features as the adult coat listed below. I want to give a nod to the soft touch outer fabric, hood that you can tighten so it doesn’t blow off in the wind and bold colour with hand drawn print so you can easily spot your little one.

It is all about the coat.

There are many different styles to choose from. Pick your type of coat wisely according to what you are doing – a teddy bear coat may be warm but if you are going outside a waterproof, is a more practical choice! As a parent my top question is always, is it machine washable? P.S. The answer is yes for all the products featured.

Think about the length of your outerwear in relation the other items of clothing. The different lengths of the layers can create more interest in the outfit. I favour mid-length coats as then if you are outside more of your bottoms are kept warm and dry, but you can still easily pick up and carry children. The Lighthouse Long Beachcomber Jacket in Navy is available in sizes 8-24.

This 3/4 length is waterproof (3000mm), breathable (3000gsm) and windproof with fully taped seams. It has a lovely soft jersey lining with a polyester microfibre finished outer and a lined hood. For practicality, the jacket has two front pockets and a zipped internal pocket. It currently has fifteen pounds off, selling for £54.99. For me this is a year-round wardrobe staple, and my favourite features are the on-trend striped inner fabric and drop hem feature.

Don’t forget your fingers and toes.

Hands and feet are the first to get cold so always keep spare gloves in the car and wear thick wool socks. Or tights. Did I say socks or tights? I meant socks and tights for an extra layer. If you are going walking, I am a big fan of thermal long johns. How to layer your clothes for winter and styling yourself in general is all about balance and proportions. A stretchy jean bottom is my go-to when wearing lots of layers on top rather than wide leg trousers.

You can still accessorise!

A scarf and handbag can complement the layers, if your colours are plain block then a patterned scarf will help boost the outfit. Don’t forget your hat to stop heat escaping – low ponies and fishtail plaits are ideal low-maintenance winter hat hairstyles. If you’re worried about looking too bulky under all of your layers, throw on a belt over your coat to define your waist. Go with your style.

What are your tips on how to layer clothes for winter? Share and comment below!




#Ad. We were kindly gifted these products for inclusion in this feature. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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