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The State of The Housing Market Post-Lockdown

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Lockdown measures across the country have affected a wide range of industries, and one of these industries is the housing market. This is entirely understandable. People are not comfortable with or have been unable to move homes after the government guidelines were put in place.

But, with lockdown measures lifting, and the country shifting back to normalcy, real estate agents are reopening for business to help people find their next dream property. However, estate agents will carry out viewings with a few changes, and the process won’t be the same as what you are used to.

While previously, viewers could view open houses whenever they pleased, there is a crucial need to minimise how many people are in the property at any one time. You should expect that it will be a one in, one out policy, as well as having cleaning periods in between viewings.

This is to ensure the safety of customers, landlords, homeowners, and estate agency staff. It won’t just protect the people directly involved in the sale of the home, but also their bubbles. By following these measures and sticking to government guidelines, estate agents will be able to operate as close to normal as possible, helping to get the industry up and running once again.

It may not feel the same as you are used to when visiting a property. Still, safety measures are crucial for minimising the spread of the virus, causing a second lockdown, and affecting the real estate industry again. To get a clear idea of the type of office and home viewing precautions you can expect to encounter, this infographic sums everything up nicely.

Infographic Design By Mansell McTaggart Mansell McTaggart Estate Agency

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