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Where Would You Spend Your Perfect Christmas? #HelpYourElf

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Tis definitely the season. The festive countdown has begun and shops are already filled with sequin clad salespeople dressed as elves. Queues may be long but music is cheery, lights are sparkling and Gingerbread lattes keep your hands warm on the cold streets. I am a Christmastime lover. The food, the family, the films. Each year without fail, under a blanket, curled up on the sofa we watch Home Alone. It’s a tradition.

Where would you spend your perfect Christmas?

Ask anyone to describe his or her “perfect Christmas,” and every description would be different. You may be a family that prefers going away for Christmas, to the Northern Lights or for the die-hard contrarian, sunny skies. Me, I am a traditionalist. This is the last year it will just be the three of us so where usually we spend the holiday in Wales with my family, we are instead staying at home. It will be a quieter affair but still we will be woken in the early hours by a little boy excited to see if Santa came. Christmas has become synonymous with presents and spending. Instead we teach our son about the importance of giving so we open our little stockings and then play games and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not about money spent, but the time together.

Do you ever watch your favourite Christmas movies and fantasise about living in their mansions or flying half way around the world?

Chill Money have created an infographic which takes a look at some of the most popular Christmas movies and how much it would cost to replicate their journeys. For Instance, the McAllister family buying 15 tickets from Chicago to Paris at Christmas, 11 coach and four first-class ones for the adults. Ouch. It would be thousands. I speculate that Kevin’s dad in Home Alone was potentially part of the mafia. It highlights, through visual festive fun, how much money can get spent this time of year.

With household budgets squeezed families can save money by setting a budget, getting cashback on purposes, making presents and buying travel tickets early. Do you have anyways of saving money at Christmas?


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