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PAJ Easy Finder 4G GPS Tracker Review

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Find and protect your children using a PAJ Easy Finder 4G GPS tracker.

Would you use a GPS tracker for your child? I am sure there are different opinions as to whether a parent considers tracking their child protective and others who may consider it a breach of privacy and overzealous ‘helicopter parenting’. For our family, with a twelve-year-old with Autism, who is seeking independence a wearable tracker helps reduce our anxieties and makes him feel more confident without an adult. Walking to school was something he was desperate to do but we were concerned as even though we spent weeks doing preparation journeys, he can get distracted and is less likely to be able to self-advocate if lost, so being able to see his locational information is a valuable tool. Alternatively, if you have elderly family members with dementia who wander, trackers can offer reassurance.

Introducing the PAJ Easy Finder 4G.

Established in Germany PAJ is one of the leading European brands in the field of trackable devices. We tested out the 4G enabled EASY FINDER 4G GPS tracker with a rechargeable battery and user-friendly smartphone/desktop app (FREE to download), which offers live tracking in over 100 counties (perfect for family holidays). The tracking will give you a precise, real-time location as your SIM card will always look for the best available network.

A PAJ GPS tracker allows you to track the real-time location of a person, vehicle or object. This allows you to prevent theft, recover items, or improve the safety of your loved ones. The various alarm functions also help you to respond quickly in an emergency.

This tracker retails for a very reasonable £49.99 on Amazon. You also need to also factor in the subscription charge. This can be paid monthly at a rate of just £5.99, this rate is reduced if you pay annually – £54.99 for a year or £89.99 for two years. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get 5% off your next GPS purchase.


The Tracker comes in a small, sturdy box with a magnetic flap closure that you can store the products in for the long term. The foam-lined interior holds; a multi-lingual quick-start instruction manual, 1x tracker (Sim card pre-installed), 1x USB Cable, 1x EU Adapter with a handy fabric carry pouch and lanyard. Use with a travel adapter or simply use the cable with a USB wall charger plug.

The robust PAJ tracker unit measures 39mm wide by 78mm tall and 29mm deep. It weighs just over 100g and is waterproof to IP65 so is considered splash-proof. For my son a watch-type wrist tracker annoyed him, so the Find & Protect tracker, which can easily sit in his backpack is the ideal option.  

The PAJ Easy Finder 4G determines its position by using satellites and sends the location information to the Finder Portal.

The PAJ Finder Portal V2 and APP.

The device itself is easy to set up. Create an account via the FINDER Portal V2 on the browser of your computer or via mobile on the App, which you can download for free on your smartphone or tablet (iOS & Android). The App Download links are at the bottom of the PAJ website or search in the App Store. Once downloaded click register, then activate where you choose your subscription package (it automatically renews if you choose monthly and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee). You then enter your model’s ID number and contact information – address etc and create a password to pair the tracker and the account. It takes five minutes.

Tip: Use the QR code on the QuickStart menu to take you to the full instruction menus for both the tracker and Finder Portal.


You need to charge the PAJ Easy Finder 4G for 8 hours for a full charge before its first use, which lasts for around 7 days and up to 14 days in standby mode. The tracking device goes into standby mode whenever it is not moving. This will NOT deactivate alarms and other functions during this time. It also has an alarm to alert you if the battery is running low (you can also check your battery status in the app). The USB has a magnetic panel that attaches easily to the device and a red light shows when it is charging.

Features of the PAJ Easy Finder.

On the device in the middle, there is a round SOS button so that if your child is feeling worried, they can alert you in an emergency situation (press for 5 seconds). I like that you can set up instant notifications in the app which is fully customisable to your needs – just adjust the alert functions. You get precise (approx to 5 meters) tracking in real-time and can share the location with other people. PAJ GPS Easy Finder 4G has a built-in vibration sensor. As soon as the tracker is moved, an alarm will be sent via email or app. On-screen, there is a timer that shows the time until the next data transfer (30 seconds unless changing direction) so you can be assured of the data accuracy. The app has a lot of features but at the same time is user-friendly and clear to read. On a mobile, the map takes up most of the screen, is easily zoomable, and highly detailed and in the options section, you can tilt the view, show stop points and route lines. The menu offers route recording and history, and comprehensive statistics for the last 365 days of journeys. You can decide how you want information presented – bar cart etc. View distance, travel time and breaks, and speed variation during the route.


We would recommend the PAJ Easy Finder 4G for its portability and battery life. It has all the features I could want – I particularly like Geozone where you can set a virtual fence so you will receive an instant message if your child leaves a defined area. Why use a GPS tracker rather than a mobile phone? Some children will not have a phone, or in my son’s case if he turns off his mobile data or his phone runs out of battery, we can’t see his location. Also, I find his location tracking can have a time lag. I added a small piece of folded paper into the travel pouch with my name, contact details and information about my son’s needs on the paper for extra reassurance. Parents would find the Easy Finder useful for so many situations – from Year 6 when they can walk to school solo, for on holidays, for older children hiking or going to music festivals, there are so many uses!

I like the PAJ Tracker as it is not heavy, does not make loud sounds, and means I will never get lost. Leo 12.

#AD WE were gifted the tracker for the purposes of this review. Our thoughts and opinions are our own. We included stock imagery of the location data as we did not want to share identifying information.

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