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How to Entertain Older Family Members This Holiday Season

by Author: Jade Lloyd

As we gather for the holidays this year, we are all going to be together. That means everyone. While some relatives we see all year long and have a lot in common with, there are other relatives we may only see a few times and making small talk can be tough. Some of the relatives that fall into that group could be our elderly relatives that live in homes, live alone, or don’t get out as much. Everyone wants to feel included when they are celebrating with loved ones, and here are a few ways you can entertain your elderly loved ones this holiday season.

Ask About the Past. 

When you are celebrating and talking with an elderly loved one, chances are high that they may be a bit out of touch with the present world in terms of things to talk about. At a certain age, a lot of people cling to what they know and what makes them happy even if those things are from decades ago. 

One of the best ways to engage elderly relatives in conversation is to talk to them about the past. By going back to the past for a few moments, elderly people can relive some of the best times of their lives, which will put them in a good mood. You will get the chance to talk about your family’s past, and you may learn a few new stories that will make the elder generation feel good. 

Ask For Advice.

Who knows more about life than someone who has lived it for quite a number of years. When you ask an elderly relative for advice, you are making them feel useful. So many elderly people are not considered to be quick enough or sharp enough anymore to be of any use, but when you ask them for advice that no one else can provide, they begin to feel useful. 

Some of the life experiences of this person may really shed light on your situation and give you the answers you need to live a better life. You will not only learn some really helpful ways to navigate the ups and downs of life, but you will also be looking to someone who truly appreciates the question and you will really make them feel appreciated.

Ask About Their Wellness. 

A lot of times, old people do not want to be a burden. With that, if they are experiencing any kind of rough situation they may keep it to themselves. Ask how they are doing and give them the space to open up. A lot of times, an elderly person only has themselves to talk about, and if they are not feeling well, finding it hard to take care of themselves, or experiencing neglect in a nursing home, you are going to want to know.

The sooner you can learn if they are in a bad situation, the sooner you can get them out of it, and they will truly appreciate it. Even if you have to hire a nursing home abuse attorney to look into any kind of malicious situation that could be happening in a nursing home is a step in the right direction. 

Play Games. 

A great way to keep the mind sharp of an elderly person is to have them participate in games. Games help them work on their gross motor skills as well as their critical thinking. Playing brings joy to the brain and helps an elderly person stay engaged and stay communicative. A large part of their lives may be sedentary if they don’t move around as well or drive as much, and that can cause the mind to slow down.

Keep them stimulated, keep them talking, and keep them engaged so that they can get a burst of energy and really feel the joy of the holiday and the joy of being with family and friends. It’s one of the most helpful things you can do for them. 

Go for a walk together. 

Before the table gets set and everyone sits for the meal, take relatives for a walk. Even if you are pushing them in a wheelchair, let them get out and get some fresh air. This will help them feel more balanced and more stable. This is also a good time to have those conversations and ask for that advice. 

Your loved one will be motivated and clear to talk and engage. This can be a great experience for them on the holiday.

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