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How to Help Your Child When They are Struggling Academically

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Many kids struggle with school. They might have issues with friendships. They might experience anxiety about going to school. But a common way children struggle in school is with the work. =

More demands are on children than ever before to perform academically. Though this is more prevalent in secondary school, children as young as primary are struggling with their school work. As a parent, you’ll want to do anything you can to help lighten the load. But how can you help your child when they are struggling with their academics?

Figure out the issue.

The first point of call is to understand what has gone wrong. Without knowing what the problem is, you can’t hope to solve it. The only way you can find out what’s happened in the first place is by talking to your child.

It can feel embarrassing for a child to admit they are struggling at school, especially if their fellow students don’t seem to have the same issues. Make sure your child feels listened to. Reassure them that it is perfectly normal and that the problem is fixable. 

Once your child has outline what they are struggling with, you can start working out a way to help. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for helping children succeed academically, but there are a few things that tend to help the majority. 

Talk to your child’s teachers.

If your child has noticed a problem, it’s likely that their teachers have too. Teachers may have raised the issue in the first place. Either way, teachers are a valuable resource. You don’t get to see what your child is like in the classroom; their teachers might be able to point out what is causing the problem, like too much talking in class. 

If the problem is more deep-rooted than this, you can talk to teachers about accommodations they could make for your child. If you point out that they don’t grasp concepts easily, making the teacher aware can help. In this case, a teacher being aware of a struggle can motivate them to check in with your child more in lessons. 

Use a tutor.

When your children are struggling significantly, sometimes the only way to catch them up is to seek extra help. When a child suffers from misunderstanding early in a course, their learning from that point on is impacted. Using online academic tutors, your child can solidify their understanding and go back over areas they haven’t understood in class. 

Using an online tutor is excellent for improving a child’s academic potential as they get one-on-one teaching. This kind of direct learning isn’t available in a classroom setting, but it’s invaluable. By building a relationship with their tutor, even the shyest children will feel able to speak up and say: ‘I don’t understand that.’

This way, your child will be able to go back into school and feel confident in their understanding. By doing this bit of extra work outside of school, their learning within the school setting will be much more impactful.

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