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Helping Your Kids Transition Between School and College

by Author: Jade Lloyd

We all want the best for our kids. Education plays a big role in this. Education can open all sorts of doors for our little ones, helping to give them access to the best opportunities and career options down the line, when they come to supporting themselves. Now, not every kid will want to continue their education once they’ve made their way through compulsory education. Some will want to pick up an internship. Some may want to take on an apprenticeship. Some may want to dive straight into work. Others will want to take a gap year to travel, undertake hobbies or give themselves more time to decide what exactly they want to do. These are all great options. If your kid does, however, want to head to college, you may be wondering how you can help them with this experience. Here are some suggestions that can assist you both on this journey.

What Is College?

College is essentially a steeping stone between school and university. Some kids will go to sixth form college (this is generally run by their school as a continuation from year 11 into years 12 and 13). Some will go to a college that is separate from their school. Here, they will specialise, choosing classes that are more tailored and niche to what they intend to take at university. The qualifications received are called A-levels.

Start Considerations in Year 11

You shouldn’t leave thoughts of colleges to the last minute. Start talking to your child about what they want to do when they reach year 11. Chances are, they’ve already taken their options and have already reduced their classes to those that they’re more interested in or excel at. Now is the time to start talking careers and determining what area of focus they really want to get into. You should make a fuss of this time too, ensuring that the end of school is a good and positive experience for them. You can do everything from getting leavers hoodies made to celebrating GCSE results together.

Visit Colleges

It’s always good to help your kid see the different options available to them. Make the most of college open days for any colleges in your local area, so they have an opportunity to see what different colleges offer, what the staff are like and what the facilities are like in different colleges nearby. This will help them to make a decision concerning which they want to opt in for. You may also want to look into average grades and results to get an idea of teaching quality.


If your kid is falling behind with their studies or struggling with specific projects or concepts, you may want to look into additional tutoring. This will give them the opportunity to really get on top of their work and understand everything that is presented to them.

Hopefully, some of the information above should help you to help your kid when it comes to the transition between school and college. This can be a major stage in their life, so do what you can to make it as positive as possible!

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