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Four Fantastic Ways To Support Your Child’s School

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Your children will spend a significant proportion of their life in your local school system. Creating a positive working relationship between yourself and your children’s teachers will help foster their learning and ensure they get the most out of their education. Here are some top tips that will allow you to positively impact your children’s learning environment and nurture the all-important school-parent relationship. 

Join the PTA. 

Most schools will have some form of the Parent-Teacher Association. The PTA can be crucial to the running of the school and even have a say in the recruitment and appointments of new teachers. It can also help to fundraise and advise on areas of improvement, such as the need to purchase new sports equipment or to focus on recycling within the school. If your school has a PTA, enquire about how you can join and what the expectations are for its members. If your school doesn’t have a PTA then consider approaching the school about setting one up there. There is a lot of guidance online about forming a PTA and how you should conduct meetings. 


An excellent way of getting into a school’s good graces is to fundraise. Every school in the world will have something it can spend some extra cash on. Fundraising shows you are committed to improving the quality of the school experience for your child and their classmates. Fundraising does not require the same year-round level of commitment as a PTA might, and allows you to dictate how much capacity you have. You may want to do something simple like a sponsored car wash or you may be more ambitious and aim to take part in the Australian Fundraising phenomenon, the school colour run. 

Donate Books.

If you are an avid reader, then you may have some fantastic books in mind that you would love to place in the school library. Looking around charity shops may allow you to pick up some bargains for readers of any age. However, if you want to impress your school, approach a publisher with a commitment to providing high-quality inclusive children’s books, like Hurn Pub Kids. Ask them if they would be willing to donate any of their catalogue or offer them at a reduced price for buying the set. Many publishers might be happy for the local publicity and goodwill. 

Volunteer For After School Activity.

Extracurricular activities like sports, drama, and gaming clubs are increasingly popular. You could volunteer for one that already exists and may need extra help, or you could consider setting up a new activity. There are hundreds of activities that can take place within a school out of hours. If you don’t feel confident, then approach a fellow parent and ask if they would consider running an activity together jointly. 

Finally, remember that one of the easiest and quickest ways to build a relationship is to take time to nurture it. If your child is excelling or particularly enjoying a subject or a teacher’s lesson style, take time to let them know that. A compliment can boost confidence, and it also shows you notice the hard work that the teaching staff is doing. 


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