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Double Locks Exeter #SouthWest #Familydaysout #Exeter @Doublelockspub

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Opening times: Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun-11-10.30.

Age: Any, all. Thirsty.

Location: Exeter, Devon.

Boy smiling in a red telehone box

boy and dad standing behind a board painted with dogs

Great for adults solo (if you can ever escape) or with your littles. Popular with walkers, dog owners, cyclists, students, families and real ale enthusiasts.

You can cycle there (it’s on the cycle path, rent a bike at Saddle & Paddles), walk from the Quay or drive across a little bridge from Marsh Barton. And I mean little. My small Toyota hatchback has to breathe in. If you are not a local it may be tricky to find the first time so check out Google maps.

If you are feeling really energetic you can hire a canoe from the Quay and paddle down. My advice, don’t drink too much.

My favourite place to go to Exeter when the sun is out.

As the name suggests it sits on the canal side and is in a stunning location. Grab a beer and sit next to the water. There is no barrier between water and not water but I have never had a problem with this as there is plenty of family friendly space a bit back from the canal.

It has a huge garden and a wooden children’s play park.

three pictures two children playing

There is ample seating; lots of picnic benches! This is positive as in the warmer months it can get VERY busy and a little chaotic. My son loves it as he can always find someone to play with.

If you like matching tablecloths, a la carte menus or dislike dogs then this is not the place for you. It is not a pretentious pub. Charismatic, Relaxed and Friendly.

The bar is very little but well-staffed. The staff are always really welcoming and friendly. Kind to small people and furry animals. Good selection of beer. Straight from barrel to glass, picks from locals like Exeter Brewery, Hanlon’s, Otter Brewery etc.

close up of a guiness in a glass


The food is home cooked, traditional. Simple but tasty. Served 7 days a week from 11.30am. There is a small kids menu with all the likely foods kids will love.  I have a thing for their fish fingers sandwiches. Must get a picture. Also if you like scotch eggs buy one they are the size of cannon balls. There are often BBQ’s in summer.

Some consider that the food is heading towards the pricey side but if this was on the quay people wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

Above perspective of pasta and salad in a white bowl

Events are held throughout the year including live music, Cider Festivals and the Annual Dog Show.

There is a marque outside, fully furnished, lit and heated where they put up screens for sports events.

In winter it is smaller inside but they always have the fires roaring which adds to the cosy atmosphere. It is much quieter when it’s cold so grab a coffee and play cards. Scrap that have some of their mulled wine. Its one of the reasons I am excited about Christmas.


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