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Different Wedding Styles to Consider for 2022

by Author: Jade Lloyd

The wedding industry is a booming business worth over $50 billion in the United States alone. However, the sector was put on hold as of late due to the Covid 19 pandemic. And with the recent announcement of the Omicron variant, the future of upcoming nuptials is once again uncertain. However, your day will come, and there are various wedding styles to consider in the new year.

Luck of the Irish. 

No one throws a party like the Irish, and their weddings are no different. Known as Handfasting, the term “tying the knot” actually comes from the Irish tradition of tying newlyweds hands together in the bonds of matrimony. Like Scotland, Irish weddings require the groom to be dressed in a formal kilt and a Brian Boru jacket. Meanwhile, the bride gets to wear a traditional white wedding gown. The gowns and veils are typically accentuated with emerald engagement rings that symbolize luck, peace, hope and, of course, love.

Be a Princess. 

There’s nothing quite like the fairytale wedding for the child at heart. Steeped in tradition, a princess wedding takes all the great and beautiful aspects of a typical wedding and highlights them to the max. Fairytale weddings are popularized by Diana Spencer’s marriage to Prince Charles, and celebrities like Katie Price took it to a whole new level. For example, the traditional wedding gown flows to an unusual extent. And instead of a stately car for the bride’s arrival, why not have a horse and carriage instead? As Kate and William also did. 

Destination Wedding. 

These days, a trendy type of wedding is to combine your honeymoon destination with the ceremony itself. Thinking of taking a romantic break in the Maldives? Don’t wait. Just get married there instead. However, you should be aware that destination weddings are expensive. Therefore, you cannot expect everyone to attend owing to the cost of travel and accommodation. Unless, of course, you pay for it. Additionally, now may not be the best time to plan a wedding of this type since the travel and tourism industry is on its knees because of the pandemic.

Traditional Religious. 

Of course, your religion might dictate the type of wedding you eventually hold. Christians, Jews and Muslims are very traditional in how wedding ceremonies are performed. Religious marriages are usually passed down in the family with the religion you were raised in, or you might be expected to convert beliefs. Additionally, the festivities, activities, food and dress vary significantly between religions. For example, Muslim weddings can go on all week long without alcohol. At the same time, it is common for Judaism ceremonies to include a copious amount of wine.

New Age. 

Also known as a spiritual wedding, a new age wedding typically includes so-called pagan traditions over the traditional religious ceremony. Of course, many new age beliefs fall under modern religions such as Wicca, so you still cater to your own personal views to which you are entitled. New age weddings can vary greatly, but they usually include appreciation for the surroundings. Although labelled as new age, they offer many ancient traditions like Handfasting. However, the ceremony varies greatly depending on where you are. For example, a California new-age wedding is quite different from a Celtic new age ceremony.

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