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How To Cope When You Have To Take Your Kids Food Shopping

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Many parents will tell you that one of the best feelings ever is going to do the food shop alone. This may sound strange – surely the best feeling ever should be something more exciting or unique? Nope, a simple food shop alone is all it takes to make parents jump for joy these days. This is because taking kids food shopping can be an awfully stressful experience, and you never quite know what’s around the corner with them.

Here’s how to cope if you have to take yours:

Make Shopping A Game

In order to distract them from being bored or asking you to buy them things, make shopping a game. Tell them what you have to find next and give them points for finding it. Getting everybody involved in finding items will make you all act more like a team, and you have much less chance of having to put up with a tantrum at any point.

Avoid The Aisles You Don’t Need

Go with a list so you can avoid the aisles you don’t need. Make sure you especially avoid the toy aisles, unless you want to end up leaving with things that were never on the list, having spent a fortune. You may buy them just to shut the kids up, but that really isn’t the right thing to do, as they’ll expect it every time you shop!

Know Supermarket Tricks

The more clued up you are on supermarket tricks, the better you’ll be able to avoid them. This will save you money and you’ll avoid wasting food in the long run. Supermarkets are cleverly designed to make you want to spend more money. Take a look at the infographic below for more!

credit to Sunny.co.uk

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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