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10 Easy Activities To Do With Your Toddler

by Author: Jade Lloyd

(AD) We have been kindly gifted the products, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Are you looking for activities to do with your toddler?

No longer satisfied by a playmat on the floor, Norah is ready for some more exciting stimulation and play. At 15 months she is asserting her vocal skills, attitude and is on the move. I consider a toddler to be roughly between the ages of 1 to 3. It is a difficult age because they often want to put stuff in their mouths, as well as not understanding direction or having the attention span for most interests.

These child friendly activities are perfect to do at home, with everyday items independently or with a friend. And, many of them are suitable for both indoors and out and will still be enjoyable as your toddler transitions into a pre-schooler! 

Keep your kids entertained at home without a screen in sight! Simple is often best for activities to do with your toddler in their age range. Melissa & Doug toys are designed to spark kids’ imaginations, inspiring open-ended thinking and curiosity during key developmental years. I like to have back up ideas and toys at the ready in case of bored meltdown.

Ready to get started? Here are ten of our tried and tested activities to do with your toddler.

# Play with food.

Invest in toy food to play ‘shops’ with pretend money. Stock up the play kitchen cupboards and spend hours helping to sort items into food groups and colours. The educational Melissa & Doug set contains items from; dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, and carbohydrates. Each realistic piece of food is crafted of solid wood which includes fish, cheese, egg, burger, watermelon and onion. It also comes with four wooden baskets for storage. Get in the kitchen, baking simple fairy cakes is great with toddlers, or get creative and put food colouring in with spaghetti for some messy play. Play food games. Sit them on a wipe clean tablecloth in the garden if the weather is nice! Thread macaroni to make a necklace. Be practical and get your toddler to help you pack lunchboxes for the next day!

Little girl in a yellow dress smiling at wooden food in activities to do with your toddler Close up of three wooden baskets of food and toddlers leg

# Paint a picture.

Teach your child to share by colouring or painting something together. Grab a large sheet of paper and your painting supplies and decide on a subject together. Paint with brushes, fingers, potatoes, old washing up bottles and share! Its never too early to try observational drawing, like a favourite teddy. Use yoghurt if you like. Check out these no touch art ideas for children that don’t like getting messy.

# Sticking and unsticking stickers! On the paper, on your shirt, on your cheek.

# Sing along.

Essential for building language, prepare yourself to sing ‘Wheels On The Bus’ and ‘Wind The Bobbin Up’ 200 times. Activities to do with your toddler sometimes include independent play, and sometimes need mummy to get involved. Got a sore throat? Grab some maracas, make drums with saucepans and spoons and make some musical noise.

# Wash toy cars, balls, ANYTHING with shaving cream and warm water.

Check out this fab post for water play ideas!

# Role play.

Be a doctor, or a vet for the day! The Melissa & Doug examine and treat pet vet set has 24 fantastic accessories including a plush dog and cat. Also included is a stethoscope to wear, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, cast, removable lid ointments and more. There is also a handy tote bag to carry the tools and a reusable double-sided checklist. Recognised by the Good Housekeeping Institute encouraging your child to develop empathy while playing and promote a love of animals.

Melissa and Doug vet set being played with my baby girl on a grey sofa for ideas of activities to do with a toddler Close up of a toy puppy with plastic pretend vet toys besides it

# Organize small objects, like Cheerios, in a tin. And, eat a couple!

# Get Throwing!

‘Let’s go to the park and throw sticks at the trees!’ With younger ones, rolling a light up ball back and forth is both entertaining and great for developing those gross motor skills.

# Dress up! Buy costumes or let your little one try on all the hats in the house.

# Count to ten.

Young pizza chefs will enjoy the shapes and 54 pieces which come with the Melissa & Doug wooden pizza set. The set comes with a brightly coloured tray, pizza cutter, spatula, and a wooden box for storage. The 3 separate side compartments on the brightly coloured tray contains 3 different types of topping; pepperoni, mushroom and sliced peppers. The pizza sides are covered in Velcro, so the pizza makes ‘slicing’ noises when cut!

Wooden pizza set on a grey carpet Green Melissa and doug toy plate for activities to do with a toddler post

There are SO many activities to do with your toddler! These are only a few. And, if you run out of ideas, buy some bubbles! I always keep bubbles in my handbag. It is an instant 15 minutes of distraction. You can use these ideas or our tried and tested tips for if you are planning a toddler playdate too!

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If your toddler isn’t interested, no worries! Save it until he or she is a little older!

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