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Amazing Activities For Kids To Do This Winter

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Halloween is officially over for another year, and that means many of us are starting that all important countdown to Christmas. When it comes to fun winter activities – as long as it’s not raining there are always plenty of fun things to do and great places to go. 

Often winter is one of the best times of year for family activities and there are plenty of great ideas to try this season as a family or even just for the kids on their own. 

Here are some great ideas to add to your winter bucket list this year. 

Visit a Christmas market 

First of all, once the Christmas markets open back up you should take the kids and enjoy a fun afternoon looking at some amazing crafts, drinking hot chocolate, and eating Nutella crepes. The Christmas markets are such a fun festive activity and they can also be a great place to find some unique presents for your family. 

Learn how to ski 

There will be a time when your child has the chance to head off for school ski trips, and the last thing you want is for them to be flopping and falling over all the time! Take the chance now to go for some skiing lessons in your local city and teach your child how to ski. Not only will this be helpful if a ski trip ever comes up, but it’s also a super fun activity to enjoy and you can all learn together! 

Go for a woodland hike 

Although the leaves have fallen and there are no flowers blooming during the winter, it is still magical to head out when the weather is cold and there is fresh snow on the ground. Head out early in the morning to a woodland location with the kids and enjoy the stunning light casting off the ground and the crunch of snow beneath your feet. Being outside is always great and in winter it’s a whole different experience. 

Build a snowman 

And of course, when you are out in the woods or at a park, you absolutely have to build a snowman. A snowman is something every child should build in the winter and it can be a fun way to spend some time outside being creative. You can bring along some rocks and a carrot for the full effect and even have a snowman building competition between your family to see who makes the best one! 

Visit a lantern show 

In winter there are some amazing lantern shows that take place at national parks and other locations.

See if you can find one close to you and take the kids there to enjoy a magical light show. You can also grab a hot chocolate and stay warm while you enjoy the show! 

Bake some festive treats 

If you want an activity you can enjoy at home – why not try baking some fun festive treats? From some cute Christmas cookies to gingerbread men – there are plenty of festive treats to enjoy and try this year. 

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