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The Best Ways To Get Our Children Involved in Wedding Planning

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Whether you are tying the knot for the first time or you are going through the wedding process a second time, it’s important to ensure that the children that are part of your big day will feel excited for you and your new partner. What are the best ways to get them involved in wedding planning so they can feel involved?

Help Them Choose

If you are busy in the process of planning and getting everything right, your children might not be able to help you with the big things, but they can certainly help with the smaller things. Whether it’s coming up with a selection of white wedding ties for the groom to wear or choosing the right themes for the invitation, the children can feel that they are contributing to the big day in a great way. Remember to make sure that when you are purchasing the final wedding tie or invitation paper they are present so they can see exactly how they’ve helped the process along.

Keep Them Excited

You may have a lot to do, and therefore, when your children get bored because you have to dedicate so much time, this can easily make you feel frustrated. There is a lot of planning, which takes up a lot of time, but you need to make the opportunities to get your children excited about the wedding day. Getting their enthusiasm just right by helping them with choosing certain aspects of the reception, such as the songs, can keep them focused.

Asking for Their Opinions

This is a double-edged sword because you have the final say on a lot of aspects, but while some decisions are too important for your children to be involved in, you can still ask their opinions throughout the big decisions. One of the great examples is when you are trying wedding food. Sure, they might not be too keen on the mains, but it’s the wedding cake that they are going to be incredibly excited about! It’s one of the more fun aspects of wedding planning, so including them in this makes a big difference. Even when you’re trying on dresses, you can ask them for their opinions.

Letting Them Choose Entertainment for the Younger Guests

There is a lot of a wedding that can be very boring for children. The speeches and the toasts can easily put a child to sleep. And while you might be working hard on creating an unforgettable wedding day, ensuring that your children are choosing things to keep the younger guests entertained will stop them from getting bored. There are limits, but you have to get the balance right. A magician is something that tends to be very popular at wedding receptions, but this is a very good example of something that can keep the children entertained as well. Garden games are another example that many adults are more than happy to get involved with!

Getting children involved in wedding planning doesn’t have to be difficult, and they don’t have to be completely bored. Do it right and they will feel a big part of this special day.

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