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Updating Our Kitchen For Under £500

by Author: Jade Lloyd

If, like us you have bought a renovation project or your kitchen is looking a little out of date, there are small changes you can make to make a big impact. We are going to have to save for a good few years before we can remodel so are planning to overhaul our kitchen on a strict budget as it currently looks like we have time-travelled back to the 80’s complete with sticky old lino and fox hunting scene tiles.

Paint it White

Even though our kitchen is white, it is white that-was-last-painted-in-the-1980s. Looks a tad ‘grimy’. Many homeowners make the mistake of following paint fads that quickly go out of style. ‘Moody’ colours are my favourite but if you are looking to sell or don’t want to be redecorating again in a year or so then white is a timeless colour choice, light and clean. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint to update their look and give you a blank canvas you can easily coordinate decor with. I am a fan of Polycell Polyfiller wall paint as one thick coat usually does the job and fills in small cracks on damaged or textured walls. If you want to add a splash of colour then my not paint the cabinets?

Update old Cabinets

Updating outdated cabinets can be as simple as a lick of paint and replacing handles or you may want to consider a door upgrade. Vinyl and acrylic paints are good choices for high traffic areas, remember you will want to be able to easily wipe them clean! That said, Frenchic paint has a cult following who regularly share low-cost kitchen transformations on social platforms for inspiration. If cupboards are structurally unsound, or the layout does not work for your family then replacing them is a valued option. Consider buying during sales and shop around for the best deals and guarantees. Use a mixture of open shelving and closed-door cabinets to add personality and style to your room and allow you to showcase kitchenware. We plan to add shelves made of scaffolding boards to make the most of wall space. Transfer all your dry goods, nuts, cereals, flours, sugars, pulses, pastas and so on, into glass jars and position on shelves! Voila. It also stops you overbuying as you can better see when you are running low. Matalan currently had a great collection of affordable glassware in stores.

Tiles, floors and Countertops

Backsplashes are a great way to show off your personality. They are easy to update and maintain whilst keeping your tidy hygienic and clean. Because of their location, they’re one of the most noticeable aspects of a kitchen. If you have tiles, then grab a tile paint (use a soft fibre brush to avoid lines) or if the grout is looking for a little grey use a Ronseal One Coat Grout Pen. I find tile stickers tend to peel in the heat of the kitchen so wouldn’t recommend them for such a busy area. Dunelm offers a range of self-adhesive tiles and backsplash in a range of modern designs whilst vinyl and laminate have come a long way to cheaply transform flooring. ‘

Our kitchen worktops are scratched and yellowing so we would look to just replace these, you can use DC Fix from Wilkinson’s for a budget option. This is not the easiest to apply and requires patience when cutting. Thanks to a wide variety of materials available, you can find almost any type of countertop to match your kitchen’s overall look and your style. I like the look of Hcsupplies light marble or wood effect tops but if you are looking for longevity then Granite worktops are a very popular choice as they are extremely hard wearing and don’t mark.

The flooring you choose will be influenced by the room you are fitting it in. You will also be led by your budget. We currently have old lino on the kitchen floor and are considering out options to update this when we renovate. We could replace with lino or vinyl but find it tends to get dirty easily in a high traffic room such as a kitchen. Laminate is easy to install but can scratch and lift. Living in a period home Parquet flooring would fit the aesthetic perfectly. It offers a wide range of patterns and styles, but the Herringbone Flooring design remains the most popular. Most people choose to have tiles in the kitchen. Limestone flooring is a classic choice for kitchen floors. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean. A higher density generally offers better durability and stain resistance. When polished, limestone looks very much like marble.  Limestone floors will look good in any design style, whether you’re opting for a traditional theme or want a more contemporary feel in your home.

Utilise the Space

You don’t have to knock down walls to change the feel of your kitchen. Perhaps rearranging the cupboards will help the functioning of the room. Are the cups by the kettle, do you have space to add a butcher’s block for added workspace? Adding extra wall units means more storage. Take advantage of vertical space by adding a pot rack. Use a moveable trolley for overflow. A spring clean of utensils and electrical items always helps. I like as little clutter on the sides as possible so consider storing your toaster etc in a cupboard.

Light It Up

Many people neglect the lighting when they complete a revamp. Don’t spend money updating your kitchen only to have it look dark and uninviting. Mixing a variety of styles such as track, pendant, and cabinet lighting can ensure you have enough light while providing an element of style. the best kitchen lighting options is to upgrade to energy efficient bulbs like LEDs. We have a very dusty strip light that ages the room so as it is gallery style a singe row of track lights with single lights angled upwards towards cupboards and walls will work best.




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