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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Your home is your most significant investment. How you keep your home can play a substantial part in how others perceive you and your life. When you invest in your home, you’re not just buying a place to live — you’re buying into the idea of making it a home. The same thing goes for your neighbourhood, your community, and the city you call home. No home is complete without curb appeal if you have room to improve. The better your curb appeal, the higher your home’s value and the happier you’ll feel about your purchase. Here are some easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Pay attention to your windows.

It’s essential to make sure your windows are clean and have a fresh coat of paint. If your window screens are torn or in bad condition, replace them. You also want to pay attention to the trim around your windows. Trim is an easy touch-up that can make a world of difference.

Freshen up your front door

Your front door is one of the first things people will see when visiting your home. Before someone even walks in, it’s good to make sure your front door is well-maintained. This includes replacing a broken handle or knob, cleaning off any accumulated grime, and repainting the door if necessary. If you want to take things a step further, paint your door a new colour that suits the style of your home and gives off an inviting feeling.

Fix any damage to your fence or gates

A fence or gate is the first thing people see when they visit your home. If it’s damaged or rusted, you’re sending a clear message that your home isn’t worth anyone’s time. Fixing any damage will go a long way towards making your home look tidier and more cared for.

Add lighting

Creating curb appeal is all about making your home look welcoming. Adding lighting is one of the easiest ways to do this. You can use a range of light colours, shapes, and sizes to make your home more inviting for guests.

Lighting is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for everyone who sees your home from the outside. For instance, you could have a few lights placed at the front door and windows or a path of lights leading up to the front door. You could even add lighting to your mailbox or front porch with some solar-powered LED lights.

Adding lighting isn’t needed for good curb appeal; solar-powered LED lights in your yard can reduce utility costs while adding an attractive ambience to your property.

Clean the exterior walls and paths

One of the easiest ways to improve a home’s curb appeal is to clean its exterior. You want your home to look like you care about it, and a quick sweep of the front walkway or porch will go a long way. 

For a deeper clean and reach higher up areas, why not look at how pressure washing can revamp the outside of your property. Invest in a pressure washer to do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional exterior cleaning company to take care of this for you.

Add plants

One of the easiest ways to improve your curb appeal is adding plants. You choose to create a flower bed on your lawn or on either side of your pathway. Or you can add pots or hanging baskets to help you create a beautiful flower display that is easy to remove or move around as you wish. 

If you aren’t green-fingered, you can buy many artificial plants and decorative items to mimic flowers that are perfect for the outdoors and require minimal upkeep.

Remove clutter

It’s essential to remove the clutter and mess from the outside of your home. Start with any items you have placed outside of your home to be taken care of at a later date. This includes leftover building materials, for example, children’s bikes and toys, excess rubbish that doesn’t fit in ins and so on.

Then pay attention to your lawn and driveways for debris or leaves from trees. Make sure you are sweeping them up and cleaning the pathway to make the exterior of your home look presentable at all times.

When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, the reason it matters is the first impression people will get of your home and give them a good idea of what to expect from the inside. The better your house looks from the roadside, the better the impression you will be giving off to passers-by and visitors alike.

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