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5 Top Tips For A (Responsible) Local Day Trip With The Kids

by Author: Jade Lloyd

If you’re thinking of planning a day trip for you and your family, you need to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be. Whether you’re heading to a local town or you’re driving a little further afield (adhering to current guidelines), having a clear plan will help ensure the trip is a stress-free as it can possibly be. Luckily, there are lots of different ways to ensure you have a fool proof plan in place. From involving your children in the decision making to packing their favourite snacks, the more preparation you do the better, especially with the added complexities of Coronavirus.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips and tricks for a day trip with your kids: 

Ask Your Children What They Would Like To Do

Although they may not be able to decide the whole day for you, asking your children what they would like to do gives you an idea of what they are looking forwards to. After so many months indoors it’s an exciting experience to go out. Whether they want to go to the park or go to the beach picking an activity they want will mean less of a battle, less whinging and more laughing. With constraints put in by lockdown you will be limited as zoos etc are not yet open and National Trust properties need pre booking. Our toddler struggles to understand why we can’t go to soft play, so ensure expectations are realistic. Why not combine day out prep with home schooling and encourage your children to get Googling and research on dayoutwiththekids.com which has listed what local attractions have reopened. Giving them choices is an important step in growing up and this guide to letting your children have more responsibility is a really helpful parental tool.

Make Sure You Check The Weather In Advance

When it comes to day trips, you need to ensure you have an idea what the weather will be doing. Although we all know that things can change, it’s important you check the weather forecast for the day you plan to travel in advance. A little bit of rain won’t hurt, but bad weather could cause it to be a washout. Alternatively, you may want to consider a rain-proof activity as a back-up. Pack wellies, waterproofs, a change of clothes and suntan lotion to be safe!

Pack Lunch, Snacks And Drinks

If you don’t want to spend money on food and drink during the day, packing you and the children snack is a great idea. Whilst restaurants, cafes etc have legally reopened since the 4th July some have chosen to stay closed, others you need to book and others very popular (e.g. chip vans at the beach have long queues). Be sure to bring plenty of water. If the weather is hot freeze the water bottles the night before. Check out these tips and tricks when it comes to the perfect picnic. The packing list should include hand sanitizer, disinfecting wet wipes, rubbish bags, and tissues. Remember to tidy up any mess you make and if bins are overflowing from use take yours home with you!

Research Historical Sites And Museums Before You Leave

If you want your children to learn something during your day trip, you may want to think about taking them to historical sites. Combine fun and education. From learning about the history, to how they’re restored today, your children will love being able to see history right in front of them. Some museums have printables to use on you visit. Are you interested in Historic Building Conservation? Also make sure you check parking and toilet availability; some English Heritage sites also are not very practical in terms of disabled access and are not suitable for pushchairs.

Plan In Lots Of Rest Stops

Finally, you need to ensure you are taking lots of breaks, as day trips can be incredibly tiring as a family. You will have to be extra mindful if stopping for fuel. It’s recommended to wear gloves using the pump—and dispose of them immediately after use. It is also a good idea to pay with a credit card rather than cash to avoid face-to-face transactions.

With lots of great tips and tricks to bear in mind, you can be sure you’re having the best day out with your family. What else could you do? Did we miss anything else off of the list? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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