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5 Tips for Going on a Hike

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a newbie, walking is a wonderful way to spend time, whether it on short trails, full day or multi-day hikes! Getting outside promotes mental wellbeing being out in nature and hiking is proven to have many health benefits from the physical exercise. It is also a social activity, remember to always have at least one other person with you if you are going on low-traffic paths.

Have a realistic expectation when setting out on a hike. If you are new to walking, or trekking with dogs and kids in tow, do not plan a 15-miler head out on a path you have never walked before. Pick a trail for your abilities. A loop is my favourite choice since you don’t repeat the same trail so keeps me interested. Plan a hike that is suitable for everyone in your party and let the slower person set the pace.

These hiking tips will be sure to help navigate and guide you into the world of hiking.

  • Plan your route.

Preparation makes up half of a successful hike. Research the trail, pay attention to the distance, elevation, and difficulty. Read reviews and see what time the average person is completing the hike in. When you are hiking, think of it as a marathon and not a sprint. Find places to explore. Enjoy the scenery. Will there be toilet stops? Don’t sit down during each break. You may live somewhere where amazing hikes are on the doorstep. Canada has some beautiful scenery if you wanted to check out Whistler Homes for Sale.

  • Be safe.

On a long hike, think safety. Charge your phone beforehand and take a solar panelled charger pack. Avoid getting lost by knowing where you are. Download 3 Square. Take a map and compass. If you are going on a solo hike, always tell someone your plans. travel size first aid kit blister plasters.

  • Check and dress for the weather.

Check the weather on your trail a few days before, a day before and the day of the hike. Be prepared for everything. Always have a pair of dry clothes in the car when you go hiking. You want to dress warmly at first and take off a layer or two in the afternoon when it warms up. Take care of your feet. You want good fitting, comfortable, waterproof or water-resistant, boots or shoes. Wear hiking socks that do not rub. Not cotton. Do not wear new shoes and always take plasters. Packing right doesn’t mean overpacking your backpack. Buying tons of expensive, hiking gear is not necessary, especially starting out.

  • Pack snacks.

If you are hiking to an end point like a scenic view, lake, park, etc., then it is always a good to pack a few Small snacks often will keep your energy level up. Don’t pack chocolate and thinks that will melt on a hot day. Carry things in a well-padded backpack. Make sure it fits. Drink often to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, even on cool, wet days.

  • Leave no trace.

Hiking has an etiquette. Do not litter. Using the open spaces is not a right, it is a privilege. Don’t go into farmland, or feed animals. Stay on marked trails. Do not take souvenirs with you or cause any damage to the trees or other vegetation.

Making a checklist of all the equipment you will need, and double checking it before you leave, can be of the most important tips for having a great hike, which can be a very rewarding hobby!

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