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4 Ways You Can Enjoy the Best Night’s Sleep

by Author: Jade Lloyd

The perfect night’s sleep might seem like something of a myth to many parents, and you can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling well-rested and refreshed. Many people will put this down to exhaustion and stress, especially with so much going on in their life. But there could be other issues that are affecting the quality of your sleep, so think about these four possibilities the next time you are tossing and turning. 

Improve Your Mattress. 

You spend one-third of your life on your mattress, so you may as well make it as enjoyable of an experience as possible. Upgrading your mattress to a better model that best suits your sleep style (whether, front, or back) can help dramatically, and you can also find a firmness that’s right for you. If you don’t want to buy a new mattress, you can look at the best tips to keep your mattress clean. Every night, you shed dead skin cells, while dust will collect in the fibres, which can affect sleep and air quality, as well as promote bacteria growth, which is not what you need. 

Regulate The Temperature.

Maintaining the optimal temperature is also a must for enjoying an excellent night’s sleep. However, this can be difficult if you live somewhere with fluctuating seasons. Achieving better sleep during the summer may not require the same approach as sleeping better during the winter. But, you can still mitigate these issues by investing in cooling pads or wearing some socks when the temperatures plummet. 

Remove Distractions.

One of the primary reasons that people struggle to sleep is their phones or other devices. It’s become the norm for you to get into bed and browse your social media or play a few rounds of your new game before going to bed. However, the blue light will trick your brain into thinking you should be awake, and you will find it more difficult to get to sleep. You need to get rid of your phone and eliminate other distractions if you want to guarantee a more peaceful and restful night’s sleep. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, it’s time to upgrade to something else.

Avoid Sugar and Alcohol.

Everyone enjoys a nightcap now and again to help them nod off, but while it might feel like a drink helps you get to sleep, alcohol reduces REM sleep, which means you never truly reach the deep sleep that ensures full rest and re-energizing. The same goes for sugar, even if you only put a teaspoon of sugar in your tea as you’re winding down. The energizing effects of sugar will keep your brain active, so you might find that your thoughts are racing even if you have removed all other distractions and made the bed as comfortable as possible. 

The Sweetest Dreams. 

A good night’s sleep needn’t be something that you always wished you could have but never truly achieved. Often, it is all about your habits and environment. Once you manage to identify the causes, you and your family can enjoy a much better night’s sleep every night. 

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