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4 tips on how to scrap your vehicle

by Author: Jade Lloyd

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Are you thinking of sending your family car to scrap? 

Scrapping a car isn’t as difficult as it may first seem. In fact, over 2 million vehicles are scrapped in the UK each year so it is a popular way to get rid of a car that has reached the end of its life.

Even though it may be an easy process, there are still steps you should take to ensure not only that you get a good deal, but you are doing everything legally. There are several scrap dealers that are not legally allowed to be trading, but still do so in order to take your money. Therefore, it is essential that you are diligent and keep your wits about you when doing your research.

Use an Authorised Treatment Facility.

First of all, it is necessary that you only take your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). An ATF is a government approved scrap facility that is the only place legally allowed to scrap vehicles. If the dealer does not have ATF status then it is essential that you do not scrap your car with them.

This is so important as an ATF will scrap your vehicle in a safe way that is also as kind as possible to the environment. On top of this, they will not try and take any money off you, often if you don’t have a logbook, a dealer might try and charge you when this is not necessary. The same goes with collecting the car, it should be done free of charge without any costs incurred on your side.

Find a dealer online. 

One of the best things about living in this day and age is the internet, and this can be and extremely handy tool when it comes to scrapping your vehicle. These days most companies are online and will offer an online valuation service so you can get an estimation of how much your vehicle is worth when it comes to being scrapped. The beauty of this is that you can shop around for the best deal.

Although there is more on offer when it comes to using the internet, you should still be wary of how far you’re searching. If you choose a scrap yard too far away, they may knock some money off the valuation as it will cost them more to collect the car. This is why it is a smart idea to start local and see if you can get a good deal in your surrounding area.

Sell the part of the vehicle. 

If you are savvy with cars, or know someone that is then this could be a great idea to earn some extra cash. If not, it is best to scrap the whole vehicle as this can be a complicated and arduous task.

There are some parts of the vehicle, such as the catalytic convertor, that if in a decent condition can be sold for a good amount of money. Other items include the tyres and possibly the engine. You are able to remove these items and sell them individually. Be aware however that this will lower the scrappage price as the vehicle will weigh less that it originally did.

Notify the DVLA.

Once the vehicle has been scrapped, it is your responsibility to contact the DVLA to let them know this. It is so vital as it means you are no longer held responsible for the vehicle and won’t have to pay tax anymore. The good news is that if you paid yearly for your car tax, you will automatically receive a refund.

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