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by Author: Jade Lloyd

What is the Difference Between Lab Diamonds and Mined Diamonds?

Diamonds are classically beautiful and adored by many across the globe but they can be cultivated in different ways. A mined diamond is formed slowly over many millions of years under intense heat and pressure. A lab diamond on the other hand is cultivated from a seed and takes just six weeks to finish.

What is The Environmental Impact of Both?

The environmental impact of lab diamonds is far less than that of mined diamonds. There are fewer carbon emissions, less water usage, and less mineral waste. Even though the environmental impact is lowered using lab cultivation, it doesn’t have any impact on the quality of the diamonds. In fact, 100% of lab diamonds are deemed jewellery grade gemstones, while only 20% of mined diamonds are jewellery grade.

Are Lab Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that lab grown diamonds aren’t real. In truth, the only difference between lab and mined diamonds is where they come from. Essentially, they are the exact same product. Because of this, the lab diamond market has seen an increase in sales growth, while mined diamonds have seen a steady decline.

Are lab Diamonds The Future of Diamonds?

Lab diamonds are an eco-friendly choice for both sellers and buyers. With the same quality delivered, it makes sense for the diamond market to move towards lab cultivated diamonds and mine less. If you’re interested in learning more about the statistics regarding lab diamonds and mined diamonds, this infographic has all the information you need from Valentina Fine Diamonds.

Infographic Design By Valentina Engagement Rings

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