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6 Tips How To Create a Gallery Wall in your Child’s Room @Posterlounge

by Author: Jade Lloyd

(AD) We have been kindly gifted the pictures from Posterlounge, all thoughts and opinions are our own. The dreamcatchers and Norah Jones Lyric print we bought when Norah was first born.

Do you want to create a gallery wall in your child’s room?

I’ve always loved the look of gallery walls because they add so much visual interest to a space. They are also more versatile than paint or wallpaper so are a quick way to update a room. We’ve begun revising our nursery now Norah is a toddler and today I’m sharing her gorgeous gallery wall, along with a simple tutorial.

We had the opportunity to work with Posterlounge for this project and I’m so excited about the art we got for the room. They have thousands of photos and prints, which means it’s a one-stop-shop for just about any reproduced wall art for the home you need.

Here are our ideas for designing your own gallery wall #Kidsandbabydecor

You can spend countless hours trying to narrow down the options when picking art, so follow our step by step creation of a gallery wall and choosing pictures!

Consider which wall!

Is the background plain, is the wall large enough? Avoid walls in small rooms that are directly opposite windows or the glass frames will reflect the light. The next step is evaluating how much space you have to work with, so you can choose your frame layout and number of prints.

Grab your measuring tape and measure the wall space from top to bottom and left to right.

Decide what type of gallery wall you want.

Is the room traditionally designed, is it colourfully decorated? Match your space. You will want to complement the style you have rather than create something that doesn’t fit in at all. Choose a simple and effective approach for a minimalist style room, use a uniform design with matching frames. Black frames on large, stark white walls create a bold impactful look. Using vintage frames creates much more of an informal look, as does including a mirror, clock etc.

If your posters are monochromatic, a good idea is to utilise different frame colours and materials to create contrast.

Collect and choose your artwork.

Go with what you, or your children like. As Norah is a baby, apart from yogurt, she demonstrates little opinion on art or photography. As she grows, we will include her artwork, photos, things that are personal to her. Think about whether you want your gallery wall to have a specific theme or colour scheme. Unless you are going for an asymmetric look, your pieces need to have at least one thing in common with each other so that the grouping flows. We chose a collected picture wall with diverse content that incorporate the monochrome and pink shades of the existing room palette and accessories. This creates a stylish and unified look.

So, what wall art do we love from Posterlounge?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, enter a couple of keywords to search Posterlounge. There children’s room choices offer inspiration. We chose a simple pink floral bouquet, to match a gorgeous pink ombre print. This subtle colour rendering was selected so the wall art did not end up looking too fussy. It breaks up the image pieces whilst tying colours together. The rectangular black and white boards smaller sizing offered diversity. This fits the room accessories and the gold spots tie in with the lampshade and large gold N poster. N for Norah. Need I explain that one? The Royal Bear picture brings a childlike quality to the wall, is not gender specific (I wanted to avoid pink bunny prints).

Our purchases were available as posters, prints, aluminium panels, and even canvases! I chose to order a mix of art in frames or frame-less art so that my gallery wall would feel eclectic but still cohesive.


Plan the layout of the frames.

Once you have chosen the designs you will use, it’s time to start planning how they will be positioned on the wall before hammering the first nail. Jump on Pinterest and research image templates for inspiration. There are plenty out there.

Decide if odd or even numbers work best. Sometimes even numbers work well in regimented groups of the same size but with more random arrangements or collections they work better with odd numbers.

An exact square felt too rigid for our nursery. When creating an organic shape on your gallery wall, ensure that you maintain a weight balance left to right and top to bottom. If you do have large pieces, it is best to begin with those first and add in around them. As you add frames, work in a circular pattern adding around the edges on each side to keep the balance as you go. Line one edge of the new piece your hanging with the edge of one already hung. This will give a more organised look. REMEMBER: allow space between frames. Keep the distance between the pieces close and consistent, about one to two inches.

Trace cut and tape.

This is one of those ideas which seems a bit unnecessary, but it will help if you’re a first timer!

Trace each frame on paper and cut it out. Lay the templates on the floor or stick them on your designated wall. Arrange, and rearrange, and rearrange again if the look does not suit. Before you grab the hammer, check out the back of each frame and take note of where the hook is. Using your pencil, mark on the piece of paper where you’ll need to make each hole. This way you don’t end up with a bunch of holes in your wall!

Hang your gallery wall!

Posterlounge wall art

Have you created a photo gallery wall in your home? What are your favourite sources for great (affordable) art?

Pinterest Posterlounge wall art

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