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Rabot 1745 Beauty Range Review & 5 Tips For Healthier Lips #Skincareproduct

by Jade

#AD We have kindly been given the Rabot 1745 products to feature. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Introducing Rabot 1745’s range of DELECTABLE beauty products.

A taste of relaxation.

Rabot 1745 is inspired by the Hotel Chocolat estate, who extended their philosophy into a beauty range. Named after the establishment date of the Rabot cacao estate- the collection is inspired by the love for Saint Lucia, the people and the rich variety of plants that flourish there. Nestled in the groves, the Rabot Estate has farmed cocoa and provided employment for generations of local people. Much of what they use in the range is, of course, edible.

So, Rabot 1745 helps to feed your skin – inside and out!

Rabot 1745 bath oil

Finding time to unwind.

As an eternally haggard mum with two children, the only me time I get is my ‘after-the-kids-are-hopefully-asleep’ bubble bath. Self-care is SO important. After fishing out at least 14 toy cars; candles are lit, Spotify is turned on and I can just breathe. Is it a concerning sign of middle age if you now enjoy Whale music?! In aspiring to own less and shop more conscientiously, the beauty products I use are getting an overhaul. After having Norah this thirty-something product lover’s skin has become dry, dull and I must admit, is aging. Natural products and botanicals are my new go-to, as harsh chemicals in some of the popular beauty brands are no good for the planet. Or your wrinkles.

When I discovered that my favourite ‘sneak-in-for-samples’ chocolatier created luxury products that help you relax and unwind for under £20 we at TPJ had to give them a try.

Rabot 1745 cocoa bath mask

Discover the Cocoa Inspired Beauty Products.

The Rabot 1745 beauty collection comprises of a whole host of products, from hand washes to fragrances, body butters and candles. One of the things I was impressed by was the spa like quality coupled with an affordable price tag. The products cover your whole body, literally.

  • Warm baths have a calming effect on our nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety and adding oil to the water can nourish and nurture dry skin. Sold in an apothecary style bottle, breathe in the sweet almond aroma of Cacao & Almond Bath and Body Oil for £18.00. Needing only a capful for a bath one bottle goes a long way!
  • A perfect therapeutic follow up in your bathing routine is a slathering of Liquid Chocolate Body Mask RRP £14.95. Cocoa seed butter, apricot and sweet almond oil combine for a blast of hydration. Warm it a little and lose yourself in the delightful chocolate scent. I like using it on my neck and delicate décolletage area.
  • Health experts typically recommend that you exfoliate the body two times each week. Use the invigorating citrus fresh Salt and Lemongrass scrub and gently rub over your skin in small circular motions. Salt is the perfect alternative to exfoliating microbeads which pollute our water and our marine wildlife. Skin is left feeling replenished and smooth. At £16 it’s a pot of luxury and I like that unlike some scrubs it does not leave a thick residue. Tip: pour out any excess water left from wet hands or showers from the cup after use.
  • It’s not just your body that needs a scrub – hardworking hands deserve some TLC too! The perfect size for a handbag Avocado and Sour Orange Hand Scrub would make an ideal gift at £9.95. Give it a shake before use and pamper dry hands with a small amount, leaving your skin soft and fresh. I love that it is not gritty, and you immediately feel a difference.
  • After, spread on a little Wonder Balm as moisturizer, a versatile product perfect for giving skin the perfect glow. Selling for £9.95 it is the perfect eyebrow tamer pumped full of Shea butter and Bois Bandé.

So, the choice is yours! Which product would suit you?

Rabot 1745 orange and avacado

Sustainable selling with Rabot 1745. 

Rabot 1745 offers a transparent ingredients policy and clearly lists if a product is suitable for vegetarians, vegans or contains nuts and other allergens. They only use the richest, sustainable cocoa. The lip balms are housed in Rabot’s signature reusable bamboo pot which is good for the environment. Plus, after your scrub is finished you can take your cup into any Hotel Chocolat Cafe for 50p off a hot drink, or a completely complimentary hot drink at the Rabot 1745 London Borough Market Cafe.

This packaging is just perfect if you’re looking to reduce your waste!

Rabot 1745 salt scrub

5 tips for fuller and softer lips #Heroproductpick.

Due to pollution, seasonal dehydration and use of harsh cosmetics, the thinner skin on our lips chap and often we forget about needing to take care of them. With just a little investment of time and energy, you can get a smoother pout without spending a fortune or resorting to plumping products.

Rabot 1745 lipbalm

Listed below are a few tips that can help maintain the health of your lips.

  1. Do not overly touch or lick your lips. Licking your lips can dry them out. Dirty hands can introduce bacteria. Biting lips can be detrimental too.
  2. Exfoliate with a lip scrub to help generate regrowth of new skin cells. The Rabot 1745 Avocado and zesty Lime Smile Reviver (£9.95) provides speed healing with nourishing avocado oil, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A, D, and E.
  3. Drink a lot of water. Dehydration brings with it dry lips. If you’re getting eight glasses a day but your skins still parched, try adding moisture to your environment with a humidifier.
  4. Remove makeup. Like your face, residual cosmetic chemicals can harm your delicate lip skin.
  5. Apply lip balm to help maintain moisturiser. Fall in love with the sweet-smelling Almond and Chocolat Lip Balm (£7.00) from Rabot 1745. There are lots of flavours of this indulgent, moisturizing product with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties from the Rosemary leaf extract.

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Indulge in this collection of products if you love all things beauty, chocolate, and eco-friendly!


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