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Our Top 4 Tips for Choosing Glasses Online with iChoose

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Do you have trouble buying glasses?

Make eyewear shopping simpler with iChoose. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was to wear glasses? As a teen, when you needed spectacles, you felt self-conscious, and lost them. As a thirty something mum my glasses have become as comfortable as my underpants and I think of them as a helpful accessory.

blonde lady wearing black Guildford iChoose frames

With the near endless range of frame styles, sizes, materials and colours it can be tough to choose a pair that are fashionable, functional and feel comfortable. The trick now is finding the right ones.

Are they right for the kind of lenses you need? Are they the best value?

If you don’t know where to start first, here are a few pointers:

Our top tips for choosing glasses with IChoose.

Choose frames that reflect and become a part of your personality.

Glasses enhance the vision, but they express YOU, too. After overhauling my wardrobe its time for the specs. I love oversize glasses. Some say excluding sunglasses, glasses should be in proportion with your face. I ignore this rule. They cover my I-have-two-kids eyebags, and you don’t get distracted by frame edges hovering in the corners of your vision. That said, if spectacles make you feel self-conscious, then, what’s the point? The Guildford frames are dramatic, with their pronounced black acetate frames they look good with a bun. The steel bridge is not for the meek and very on trend. Establish your specs style!

iChoose pink and black zebera frames

Select glasses that fit your face shape.

Glasses should suit the face, as well as a person’s image and personality. Frames should also follow the natural line of face i.e. eyebrows. I have a thin, small oval face so suit taller, squared-off or more circular frames, which will take up more room on your face. Offering a near perfect circular lens the Guildford help balance out features better than slim frames. Glasses with thicker arms or decorative details at the temples broaden my face. iChoose offer two different shapes of arm frames, straight or to curve round your ear for added comfort.

baby wearing iChoose frames whilst sleeping



Find the perfect colour for your spectacles.

I am not overly fond of colourful frames, tending to stick to black or tortoiseshell. With light hair and a pale completion, I like how dark glasses stand out. In an experimental phase once I dabbled with gold frames, but my face then looked a bit unsubstantial and sickly.

iChoose box showing instructions

Hues that are complementary to your eye colour will bring out the colour of your eyes.

With iChoose customisable prescription eyewear not only can you showcase your individuality you can add a pop of colour with their removable lenses. With around 10,000 combinations to choose from, on Monday you can be plain and Thursday sport zebra stripes with a quick pop and click. All their frames fit all their sides and so any combination is possible. See the looks stylists have put together for inspiration on the site. With one simple click I jazzed up the frames with iridescent marble sides.

iChoose silver frames close up

Buy the right size.

An advantage of buying in store is that you get professional help. Get your metrics from an optician. Even though you aren’t shopping for glasses in your optician’s store, you should still that your prescription is accurate and updated. If you already wear glasses, then check the numbered measurements on the inside arm or the bridge of the nose! iChoose take all of the right measurements for your face so that when your glasses arrive, they fit perfectly. Use the handy PD measurer application on the site. Buy online for better affordability, selection, convenience and speed.

iChoose grey fabric glasses case resting on the box

Glasses need to fit your budget as well as your style.

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to get glasses that improve your vision and look great on you. iChoose glasses bundles begin at £60. This includes your selected frame with its predetermined sides, along with an additional pair of free sides! Compared with Boots own brand and Specsavers basics this is a very competitive price. Additional sides cost £10 and transform frames.

iChoose are convenient, affordable, easy to use, and offer a vast range of styles.

iChoose reflection

So, what did we think of our iChoose glasses?

The ordering process simple and straightforward. Overall, I was impressed with the preciseness of prescription and clarity of lenses. iChoose can cater for single vision, varifocals, reading, distance, and computer lenses. The frames are lightweight but no different to my designer pair. The fabric case is a nice change from the plastic monstrosities you normally receive with your specs. You can turn any frames on iChoose into sunglasses. They offer a 365-day product guarantee, so if your glasses or sides break, you’re entitled to a one-time replacement within that time period. There is free delivery with code save5. The only thing that would improve the service would be an in home try on capability.

Use the code BLOG10 for 10% off!

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Remember if you are buying new glasses then recycle your old frames at most Opticians, instead of throwing them away!

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Rachel Bustin 12th July 2019 - 8:25 pm

I love these glasses and the idea behind them. New looks all the time!


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